The MEDIA Sub-Programme of Creative Europe supports the distribution and broadcasting of audiovisual works (fiction, documentary, animation, interactive programmes) and of European films on-line, in movie theatres and on television. Financial support is available to European Cinema distributors for the distribution of non-national European films under two support mechanisms:

  1. The Selective Scheme
  2. The Automatic Scheme 

Cinema Distribution - Selective Scheme


1st December, 2016 (11am Irish Time)

14th June, 2017 (11am Irish time)

The Selective support scheme aims to foster the wider trans-national distribution of recent non-national European films by encouraging theatrical distributors in particular to invest in promotion and adequate distribution of non-national European films.  The scheme also aims to encourage the development of links between the production and distribution sector thus improving the competitive position of non-national European films.

Available Funding

The total budget for the Call is estimated at €9.75 million. Approximately 25% of the budget will be allocated to films with a production budget below €3 million. Grants are available to fund distribution campaigns of non-national European films. Lump sums of between €2,800 and €150,000 will be awarded according to the number of screens covered on the first week of release.

Eligible Applicants

Groupings of at least 7 European theatrical distribution companies may apply for support for the theatrical distribution of any recent work of fiction, animation or creative documentary with a minimum duration of 60 minutes. The application is to be coordinated by the sales agent of the film. The work must have been majority produced by companies established in one or more countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme and been made with a significant participation by professionals who are citizens/residents of the countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme.

Eligible Projects

For a film to be eligible it must:

  • Be a work of fiction, animation or documentary (min. duration 60 minutes)
  • Have its first copyright established no earlier than 2014
  • Not consist of alternative content (operas, concerts, performances) or advertising, or include any pornographic or racist material
  • Have a maximum production budget of €10 million if it is from France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the UK
  • Have been majority produced by a producer/producers established in countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme and be made with the significant participation of professionals who are nationals/residents of those countries

The theatrical release of the film (not including previews or special screenings) must take place after the date of submission and within 18 months of the deadline.

How to Apply

Click here for detailed information on how to apply to Creative Europe MEDIA Schemes. 

Click here for detailed Guidelines and other documents relating to the Selective Scheme

Please contact Creative Europe Desk Ireland – MEDIA Office or MEDIA Office Galway, if you have any questions regarding your application.