Checklist for Your TV Programming Application 2017
29 May 2017

Checklist for Your TV Programming Application 2017

Here is a quick checklist for your TV Programming Application which closes at 11.00am Irish time tomorrow, Tuesday 30th May! Please do contact our offices if you have any queries or problems related to your application: Dublin +353 1 6791856  Galway +353 91 770728. The points below are just a quick reference guide to help but please refer to and use the detailed guide to TV Programming application here

where can I find online help for my creative europe media application?

Here is the link for the Submission User Guidebut if you cannot find the answer to your problem or query you can contact HelpDesk services (below).


If you have a technical issue submitting your application, please refer to the eform User Guide relating to your relevant funding scheme.  If, after referring to the eform User Guide you still have a question or have encountered a technical problem in relation to the e-Form, please contact the HelpDesk services.

Helpdesk e-mail address:

HelpDesk phone: +32 2 299 0705

your checklist for tv programming application

  • Get your application in well before the 11.00am IRISH TIME deadline in case there are problems with your application, internet access, or other technical difficulties. 
  • Save all your information as often as possible, even if there is an automatic backup.
  • Read the guidelines for this call for proposals very carefully.
  • Make sure to 'sell' your project as best you can, and do not presume the reader is familiar with your previous work or track record.   
  • The following information cannot be changed:
  1. General
  2. Contractual Data
  3. Project description
  • ‘Statistics’ refers to the technical report. Please answer to all the questions. If there is no information to be indicated, please use ‘not applicable.’
  • In the cost part, column ‘declared’, you must only insert the ELIGIBLE costs. Please note that the total of the declared cost must be equal to the total of the declared income.
  • Any discrepancy between the total of the declared cost and the total of the declared income must be reflected in the field "producer's investment".
  • Attachment of the following documents is mandatory for submitting the final report. They must be saved using a PDF extension:
  1. Payment request (signed and dated document on a free format asking for the payment of the balance)
  2. Final Financial statement and Compulsory Report Format and Procedures EnglishwordEnglish
  3. Copy of the contract signed with the main broadcaster
  4. Acceptance letter of the material from the main broadcaster
  5. Most recent royalty statement from sales agent/distributor
  • Please do not forget to also send a copy of your DVD and any promotional material to the following address:
Mr Matteo Solaro, Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
Creative Europe - MEDIA Unit B2
J-59 02/079
TV Programming
Avenue du Bourget, 1
BE-1140 Brussels

Good luck with your application!