European News Media Forum, Monday 29th November
27 October 2021

European News Media Forum, Monday 29th November

In person and online, the European News Media Forum will host a dialogue on the industrial transformation of the news media sector including press, TV, radio, magazine and online media on 29th November from Brussels. 

The second edition of the European News Media Forum (ENMF) will bring together top European speakers from the press, TV, radio, online media, magazine media and other audio/audiovisual producers for a full day of exchanges around the topic of 'industrial transformation.'

The Forum will focus on the challenges and innovations of European news media organisations. It will look into the below key topics in a variety of formats: stage presentations, small panels and a number of showcases.

Morning programme (from 8am):

  • Opening session with panel on the state of the industry
  • Session 1: Innovations to generate revenues
  • Session 2: Building up a sustainable and independent model
  • Session 3: Engaging communities
  • Session 4: News that speak to all audiences

Afternoon programme (until 6pm):

  • Session 5: Media convergence
  • Session 6: Developing new formats
  • Session 7: Partnerships in the news media sector
  • Showcases
  • Looking forward: panels on the future of the market and media policy.

You will be able to attend the event physically or online and interact with the speakers through Slido. More information and registration link here.