Support to European Platforms | CLOSED

This strand of funding is for the support of European platforms to showcase emerging talent and stimulate Europe-wide programming of cultural and artistic activities.

Coordinating entities that have a minimum of 10 member organisations in at least 10 different participating countries are eligible to apply.  Applicants can request up to €500,000 per year which should represent a maximum of 80% of the eligible costs. 20% of the eligible costs must be found from other sources.

The main specific objectives of the Support to European platforms strand are to co-finance activities aimed at:

  • fostering the development of emerging talent and stimulating the transnational mobility of cultural and creative players and circulation of works;
  • increasing recognition and visibility of artists and creators with a strong commitment in terms of European programming through communications activities and branding strategy, including, where appropriate, the creation of a European quality label.

Full guidelines for Support to European Platforms can be downloaded here.

Examples of projects supported under this strand

Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe and has partners in 33 countries (including Dublin Dance Festival).  The platform identifies the most promising new work by emerging dance artists and then promotes it through cross-border performances. 

See here for all upcoming deadlines.


Call for proposals result in four year funding agreements - 2017 was the final call under this strand.