08 January 2021

i-Portunus Music Mobility Award Briefing Session, 21 January

We will host a short online briefing on the upcoming i-Portunus Funding Call for Music Mobility which is targeted at the music sector on Thursday 21st January at 11am. This Music Mobility Call is open to composers, musicians and singers preferably in classical music, jazz and traditional music.

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04 January 2021

Briefing on i-Portunus Mobility Call for Literary Translators, Thursday 14 January, 2021

On Thursday 14th January, we will host a briefing webinar for the new call for Literary Translations from i-Portunus which is a Creative Europe mobility initiative. This call is open to literary translators legally residing in a Creative Europe country, for individuals or groups up to 5 people, for international collaborations, production residencies or professional development.

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16 December 2020

Creative Europe Ireland Culture Publication Launch & Showcase Video

Creative Europe Ireland Culture Office launched our overview of the Irish participation in the Creative Europe 2017- 2019 programme via our new publication, Across Borders - Across the Board on 10th December. The launch was followed by presentations from Irish organisations that are partners in co-operation projects.

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