Creative Europe Case Study - BeSpectACTive! - 8th October, 2019
07 August 2019

Creative Europe Case Study - BeSpectACTive! - 8th October, 2019

Come and hear first-hand from organisations and artists involved in BeSpectACTive! which encourages good practices in ‘active spectatorship’ through an innovative model of audience development that can be shared with other organisations.

Since December 2014, BeSpectACTive! is a large-scale European cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The project operates in performing arts through artistic productions and participatory practices aimed at involving spectators in creative processes. Its members include European festivals, theatres, cultural organisations, universities and a research center. Dublin Theatre Festival is a member of BeSpectACTive! and will be at the event. 

This is a unique opportunity to hear from the people directly involved in the development and implementation of a large Creative Europe project. Hearing from project participants will lead to a greater understanding of what Europe is hoping to achieve with its funding and explore the potential benefits to organisations, audiences, and the wider sector both here in Ireland and across Europe. 

After a brief introduction by the Creative Europe Desk Ireland – Culture Office we will have an interactive panel discussion which will be followed by a networking reception.

Read more about the BeSpectACTive! Project here.