Creative Europe 2021 - 2027 New Calls Open
02 July 2021

Creative Europe 2021 - 2027 New Calls Open

Most of the Creative Europe Culture calls are now open! The Culture strand supports a wide range of cultural and creative sectors including architecture, cultural heritage, design, literature and publishing, music and performing arts.

There are also new Calls open under the Cross Sectoral Strand:

You can find details of all the Calls on the Funding & Tenders Portal here. The Creative Europe Desk Ireland Culture Office is always available for any questions so please get in touch with Katie or Aoife on


Please join us for a series of funding clinic webinars we will host on Creative Europe calls. Each webinar will look at the aims of each call, the eligibility requirements, the activities each call will fund and the application process. We'll also have a Q&A session at the end of each webinar. 

Support for European Cooperation Projects Funding Clinic

Support for European Cooperation Projects is the main Creative Europe funding strand for the creative and cultural sectors. The aim of this funding strand is to support transnational projects involving collaboration between organisations from different eligible countries. Read more about this call here.

Circulation of European Literary Works Funding Clinic

This action will support projects that will translate, publish, distribute and promote works of fiction. This funding strand is open to both individual publishers and organisations. Read more here about this call.

Creative Innovation Labs Funding Clinic

The aim of this funding strand is to incentivise players from different cultural and creative sectors to design and test innovative digital solutions with a potential positive long-term impact on multiple cultural and creative sectors. Read more here about Creative Innovation Labs funding.