Cultural Adaptations Publish Free Climate Change Toolkits
12 April 2021

Cultural Adaptations Publish Free Climate Change Toolkits

Cultural Adaptations, a project co-funded by Creative Europe, has published two free toolkits to help cultural organisations adapt to the impacts of climate change. The project, which is coming to its conclusion in 2021, was led by Creative Carbon Scotland with a focus on the role of culture in society’s adaptation to climate change.  

Four cultural organisations including Irish partners, axis Ballymun and Codema Dublin, explored collaboratively how this approach can work in countries with similar climate challenges but differing socio-political frameworks. Embedded artists worked with institutions and organisations to help drive a systemic, integrated approach to issues of climate adaptation. 

In Ireland, axis Ballymun and Codema (Dublin’s Energy Agency) selected artist Maeve Stone as their embedded artist to explore the role the arts can play in shaping how Irish society adapts to the impact of climate change.

As part of the final stages of the project, Cultural Adaptations has published two free toolkits. The toolkits are free to access, licensed as a Creative Commons resource and available for download as interactive PDFs in the links below.

  • ADAPTING OUR CULTURE TOOLKIT: The result of this action-research project is an in-depth toolkit, specifically tailored to support cultural organisations to plan their adaptation to climate change. The toolkit contains three main sections, supported by resources, to aid understanding of climate impacts, implications and opportunities for organisations and how to create an action plan to support adaptation.
  • EMBEDDED ARTIST TOOLKIT: This toolkit can be shared with adaptation practitioners, researchers, policy makers, artists, and cultural organisations as well as potential future Embedded Artists. It supports the development and delivery of new Embedded Artist Projects supporting people and partnerships at each stage of the process. 

In the project Vlog below, artist Maeve Stone shares experiences and stories from others around the benefits of walking, how it impacts us as humans, and how walking can change the nature of our conversations about climate change.