European Cooperation Projects Funding Webinar Playback
19 July 2021

European Cooperation Projects Funding Webinar Playback

If you missed our European Cooperation Projects Funding Webinar, you can watch it back below or on our YouTube channel. Features a presentation by Mary Conlon from Ormston House on the Memory of Water project. Inspiration for your own Cooperation Projects applications!   

The webinar outlines the priorities of the new Creative Europe programme, various funding strands and explains more about Cooperation Projects.  There are three separate funding strands supporting different scales of projects. Projects must include a minimum of 10 partners from 10 eligible countries. Grants are offered up to a maximum of €2 million or 60% of total budget.

  • Category 1: Smaller Scale Cooperation Projects
  • Category 2: Medium Scale Cooperation Projects
  • Category 3: Larger Scale Cooperation Projects

Contact Katie or Aoife if you need advice on your application or help looking for project partners. For more project inspiration have a look at our Across Borders 2017 - 2019 publication which features 49 Irish Case Studies.