European Support for Cooperation Projects Call is live! 
03 October 2017

European Support for Cooperation Projects Call is live! 

The call for proposals for the Support for European Cooperation Projects strand was published on 18 September 2017. 

The deadline for small and large scale cooperation projects (category 1 and 2) has been moved to 18 January 2018 at 11am Irish time. The start dates for both small and large scale projects remains the same (May and June 2018 respectively).

Under this call only there is a third strand of cooperation projects called Cooperation Projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage (category 3). The deadline for applications under this category is 22 November 2017 at 11am Irish time  

This strand of funding is to support transnational projects involving collaboration between organisations from different eligible countries.

The funding available under the cooperation projects strand is intended to support cultural projects mainly focusing on:

  • Transnational mobility
  • Audience development
  • Capacity building

There have been some changes to this round’s guidelines:

Eligibility criteria:

  • Only the project leader needs to demonstrate their existence as a legal entity for at least 2 years on the date of application.  Partner no longer need to comply with this condition.
  • There is no early start permitted for project activities (before May for small scale and before June for large scale).
  • An organisation can only be the project leader of one ongoing supported large scale cooperation project.

E-form changes:

  • Only minor changes have been made this year mainly to do with streamlining the questions asked under each of the award criteria. The EACEA has also reduced the number of attachments to the e-from from 4 to 3.

The Culture Office is here to help!

If you are preparing an application for Support for European Cooperation Projects there are resources and information that you can use to help you prepare.

  • You will find all the guidelines and documents related to the call for cooperation projects here.
  • Contact us at  to discuss your idea and to get further information and advice.
  • Attend our application workshop and other information events which are advertised in our newsletter (sign up to our mailing list here). We are planning on holding the workshop in Dublin on 23 November 2017.
  • See our FAQ section for more information on Cooperation projects.