EVA International Launches Dhá Theanga Multi-language Audio Responses
20 November 2020

EVA International Launches Dhá Theanga Multi-language Audio Responses

EVA International has launched Dhá Theanga, a new platform of multi-language audio responses which have been developed in response to the 39th EVA International exhibition programme. This project is part of the MagiC Carpets Platform co-funded by Creative Europe. Dhá Theanga is part of EVA's Better Words initiative which empowers new forms of access and engagement with contemporary art in a bid to overcome some of the access barriers surrounding language that can often limit broader engagement with contemporary art.

The Dhá Theanga project engaged with local multi-linguists in Limerick to explore a creative mediation of the exhibition programme that resulted in audio responses in the languages of Nigerian Pidgin English, Catalan, Polish and Irish. The project sought to expand EVA's reach to language communities other than English and show the creative language abilities within the local Limerick community. 

The audio responses reflect personal connections that participants made with the artworks, thematics and exhibiting spaces during the 39th EVA International exhibition programme. The audio pieces were developed and produced in collaboration with Grey Heron Media. Director of EVA International, Matt Packer says:

'Dhá Theanga is an important project for EVA International, continuing our commitment to thinking outside the box and seeking opportunities for making our work (and contemporary arts more generally) accessible to new publics. At a time of lockdowns and travel restrictions, when the world seems to have shrunken, the contributors in the Dhá Theanga project remind us of how we can continue to connect to different language communities, while fostering curiosity and creativity in language interpretation.' 

Dhá Theanga Audio Responses

You can find out more about Dhá Theanga project, the contributors, and listen to their work here on the EVA International website. Or listen to their audio responses below via EVA International Soundcloud. 

Ajibola S. Abiodun, a creative writer and blogger, created 'The Importance of Shelter and Privacy' in response to the 39th EVA International in in Nigerian Pidgin English. 

Marta Giralt, Lecturer in Applied Linguistics & Spanish in University of Limerick, created 'Aquí y allà: espais que es troben i ens troben' in response to the 39th EVA International in Catalan.

Justyna Cwojdzińska, a theatre performer, cultural activist and founder and artistic director of Polish Arts Festival in Limerick created ‘Sztuka jako narzędzie zmiany’ in a creative mediation of the 39th EVA in Polish. 

Liam Murray, Senior Lecturer in French & Language Technologies at University of Limerick, created this response to the 39th EVA International in Irish.