Irish Partners in Creative Europe’s European Platform Results 2017
04 October 2017

Irish Partners in Creative Europe’s European Platform Results 2017

Congratulations to the six Irish partners who featured in the latest Creative Europe Culture European Platforms Results. The aim of European Platforms is to showcase emerging talent and stimulate a truly European programming of cultural and artistic work. European Platforms funded by Creative Europe will: 
  • Foster the mobility and visibility of creators and artists in particular those lacking international exposure
  • Stimulate a genuine Europe-wide programming of cultural and artistic activities and provide access to European cultural works via international touring, events, exhibitions and festivals. 
  • Contribute to audience development and make Europe's values and different cultures more visible.

irish partners in european platforms

The Irish organisations and Platforms are: 

We asked Fergus Sheil, Artistic Director of Wide Open Opera about the benefits of being part of the FEDORA platform over the next few years. 

'Participating in the FEDORA platform will place Wide Open Opera’s work at the heart of a European network of companies dedicated to developing contemporary opera. As a winner of the FEDORA GENERALI Prize for opera in 2017 for The Second Violinist we have already a strong association with FEDORA.

This new project will allow companies around Europe become more engaged with our work and also allow us to learn from the work of other opera producers through interaction on the FEDORA platform.

We also spoke to Ángel Luis González, Director of PhotoIreland Foundation about the PARALLEL Photo Platform: 

'This ambitious project will connect our organisation and our region to others in the EU, greatly extending our reach and network, and supporting our efforts to broadcast our local culture and its agents internationally. As member of the project, we will contribute with a selection of Irish artists and curators that will join the programme, creating work and engaging with that of other participants.

We will also act as host to certain events, contributing to the project with the experience acquired in the last decade. The idea behind PARALLEL as a photo based platform is to nurture and facilitate a rich exchange of ideas and practices, in as much as propitiating a wholesome circulation of young artists and curators, giving them access to key Art institutions. We are excited about this project, looking forward to working hard together in the coming years towards higher standards for European contemporary photography.'

Matt Packer is director of EVA International, Ireland's Biennial of Contemporary Art. Every two years EVA International works with guest curators to create a 12 week programme of exhibitions and events that engage with the people and city of Limerick. Matt sees EVA International's status as a partner in a Creative Europe funded platform as a vital element in commissioning and showing new work:

'EVA International is delighted to be a key partner of the Magic Carpets programme. For EVA, the commissioning of new work is key to our ambition. The Magic Carpets programme will allow us to share in the facilitation and production of art projects with other like-minded organisations across Europe.' 

We will highlight new work and projects relating to these Platforms as they develop. You can also have a look at some other Current Projects with Irish partners funded by various Creative Europe Culture strands.