Jazz Connective Dublin, 11 - 12 December, Project Arts Centre
15 November 2019

Jazz Connective Dublin, 11 - 12 December, Project Arts Centre

Jazz Connective runs from 11th-12th December 2019 in the Project Arts Centre, East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Improvised Music Company (IMC) are connecting the European dots, celebrating contemporary improvisers and how they work and play together at this J2-day festival of creative interplay at Project Arts Centre on 11th and 12th December

Funded by Creative Europe, Jazz Connective is a collaborative EU project between different European actors built to strengthen jazz artistic scenes. It's composed of promoters and producers, musicians and professionals who will explore these issues on a European scale and in several European cities.

Jazz Connective is based on one of the central tenets of jazz - improvisation - and features musicians from Ireland, France, Finland and the UK coming together, playing, collaborating and sometimes creating completely new music for this once-off, two-day event. 


Jazz Connective Dublin begins on Wednesday night with two celebrated Irish-based musicians, pianist Izumi Kimura and violinist Cora Venus Lunny. In 2017, IMC commissioned both to create new work together for the BAN BAM festival, and they really hit it off. This is improvisational simpatico of the highest order, with both musicians deftly weaving a kind of musical alchemy. 

Following them, Mercury-nominated and award-winning trumpeter Laura Jurd is an utterly distinctive voice as a composer and performer. In a rare solo set, she brings her blend of contemporary, jazz and improvised music to new heights. 

Finally, Finnish trio Mopo draw inspiration from jazz, 70's punk and nature, resulting in intense and inspiring performances which have captured audiences all over the world. Last seen in Dublin at 12 Points in 2013, since then they have catapulted into the European festival circuit.


Thursday night at Jazz Connective features maverick pianist Elliot Galvin, whose creativity has earned him comparisons with Django Bates, though Galvin's singular approach has affirmed his reputation as a true original. Another 12 Points alumnus, Irish audiences will remember his trio’s stand-out performance in Dublin in 2018.

Next, Irish guitarist and electronic pioneer Shane Latimer joins forces with the captivatingly shamanic French drummer and electronics wizard Seb Brun, and saxophonist Linda Fredriksson of Mopo, a unique musical encounter brought together exclusively by Jazz Connective. 

Rounding out the evening are Vula Viel, a post-punk, Afro-jazz style trio featuring Bex Burch on the gyil, a large African xylophone made of sacred lliga wood, while bassist Tom Herbert and drummer Jim Hart weave intricate rhythmic structures around Burch's trance-tastic lines. 

Expect the unexpected in Dublin this 11th and 12th December as IMC host a selection of world-class improvisers and collaborators from both home and abroad at the Project Arts Centre. 

Jazz Connective is a collaborative project supported by Creative Europe's Co-operation Project funding, presented in Dublin by Irish project partners, Improvised Music Company (IMC)