The Heritage Council offers Grants to mark European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018
11 January 2018

The Heritage Council offers Grants to mark European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Throughout 2018, Creative Europe celebrates the diverse cultural heritage across Europe. The European Year of Cultural Heritage will encourage people to discover and engage with Europe's cultural heritage. The Heritage Council will co-ordinate activities in Ireland on the theme of Make A Connection. The theme aims to deepen the connection between people and heritage, and build a legacy of increased public engagement.

community heritage grant scheme | deadline 09 feb 2018

As a way of marking the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Heritage Ireland will focus their Community Heritage Grant Scheme on the theme Make a Connection. They want to encourage communities throughout Ireland to build heritage connections that will last long beyond the year. 

This grant scheme aims to:

  • Promote appreciation and enjoyment of heritage, to make a lasting difference to heritage, people and communities,
  • Promote a bottom up approach to heritage management, and
  • Reach out to new audiences by telling heritage stories in innovative ways to stimulate public interest and engagement.

The Heritage Council are looking for creative, engaging projects that provide a way for the public to learn about and manage our natural and cultural heritage. 

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to:

  • Not-for-profit voluntary and community groups, and
  • Heritage-related non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Applications from other organisations or individuals will not be accepted.

Funding available

The Heritage Council has allocated €750,000 to this scheme in 2018. The most you may ask for is 75% of the funding of the total project expenditure, up to a maximum of €8,000. We expect the scheme to be very competitive. We expect to fund about 150 projects this year.

What types of project does this scheme cover?

Here are some examples of projects that the scheme covers.
1. Initiatives designed to support community efforts to learn about and manage heritage, to build up local heritage networks and to attract new participants in heritage projects, and to encourage under-represented groups to share their heritage too.

  • Seminars
  • Demonstrations days
  • Training
  • Interpretation
  • Community heritage websites

2. Community/NGO-led surveys and audits

  • Local heritage audits including wildlife, botany, archaeology, folklore.
  • Graveyard surveys.
  • Surveys of monuments and their surrounds

3. Community/NGO-led conservation reports and plans

  • Conservation reports.
  • Conservation plans
  • Conservation management plans to inform future works for heritage places

4. Community/NGO-led conservation works

  • Work on habitats and natural sites.
  • Work to publically owned buildings for essential, small-scale repairs.
  • Works to stabilise medieval and ruined structures.
  • Work on objects and collections

how to apply