Voyage Inside a Blind Experience at The Glucksman, Cork
15 August 2018

Voyage Inside a Blind Experience at The Glucksman, Cork

In 2017, the VIBE project was awarded Creative Funding under the Small Scale Co-operation Projects strand. The Lead Partner in VIBE is Cooperativa Atlante, Italy with co-partners The Glucksman Cork, University College Cork, Instituto dei Ciechidi Milano, Italy and MSU Zagreb, Croatia. 

The VIBE exhibition invites audiences to experience how visual impairment affects engagement with art through the works of Anni and Josef Albers who were modernists and Bauhaus pioneers.

The Glucksman was thrilled to receive Creative Europe funding for the VIBE project with our partners in Milan, Italy and Zagreb, Croatia. VIBE will present a touring exhibition of artworks by artists Josef and Anni Albers that will be developed with specific supports in order to provide a meaningful experience of the artworks for blind and visually impaired people.

Josef Albers was first a pupil and then teacher at the Bauhaus, the German design school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919. Anni Albers was a weaver, painter and teacher who was interested in the expressive potential offered by the fabrics and how to transform them into abstract works of art.  

As artists and teachers, Anni and Josef Albers confronted the challenges of their materials. The term used to describe the manipulation of textures was Matière. Many of these exercises that they and their students used have been lost to history aside from a few surviving examples in photographic archives. These Matière have been reproduced in this exhibition and can be gently touched, allowing visitors to investigate the properties of the materials and to understand how they were made. The Glucksman will offer workshops and tours for visitors who are visually impaired while the exhibition is running (more below). 

Voyage inside a blind experienceTACTILE MODELS, BRAILLE & PLAYFUL ART

Is it possible to experience abstract artworks without using your eyes? How can a visual art exhibition be experienced by people who are partially sighted or blind? Josef and Anni Albers: Voyage inside a blind experience considers these questions by presenting key works from the artists alongside tactile models, braille texts, and playful art encounters led by touch.

The works on display include Anni Albers’ hugely influential textile works, Josef Albers’ renowned Homage to the Square paintings, and a selection of his record cover designs accompanied by the original jazz music. The show also includes a darkroom where visitors are invited to explore objects by touch, as well as a section that reflects on the importance of Albers’ teaching that emphasised a sense of feeling as well as seeing art.

Developed in partnership with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and Atlante Servizi Culturali, along with the expertise of l’Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, a leading institute for people who are visually impaired in Milan, Italy, the exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Following its presentation at the Glucksman, the exhibition is touring to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia.

Throughout the exhibition run, The Glucksman will offer workshops and tours for visitors who are visually impaired.

They have partnered with UCC Disability Support ServiceArts & Disability IrelandChildVisionFighting Blindness and Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind to ensure that as many visitors as possible enjoy and learn from this imaginative presentation.

Contact to find out more about activities for people with visual impairment.

Photo: Anni and Josef Albers