Download our Case Studies publication Across Borders Across the Board featuring profiles of all of the projects funded under the Culture Programme 2007-2013 that involved Irish organisations.  Take a look at some examples of Creative Europe funded projects below and get some ideas for your own activities.  These are mostly projects involving Irish partners.  You can see who their partners were, the types of activities that were funded and follow links to the projects' websites. 

Creative Europe ProjectsThe European Commission hosts a project database that contains all projects funded under the Creative Europe programme. 

Art form: Cultural Heritage

Creative Makers

Creative Makers aims to innovate the traditional craft sectors of letterpress and printing through the co-creation of 4 themed ‘kids’ fablabs’ - creative spaces for children inspired by the newest approaches in tinkering, making, and the fablab movement.

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe

The ArchaeoLandscapes network is engaged in the use of aerial survey and ‘remote sensing’ to promote understanding, conservation and public enjoyment of the archaeological heritage of Europe.

Connecting Early Medieval European Collections

This project aims to provide a new business model for durable collaboration between museums on an exchange basis.

Crafting Europe

The project aims to address the systemic challenges for the European craft sector identified through surveys to assess the needs of the crafts sectors across 17 European countries.

European Digital Treasures

European Digital Treasures: Management of Centennial Archives in 21st Century (European Digital Treasures) aims to bring joint European heritage, especially its digital versions, increased visibility, outreach and use.

Follow the Vikings

Follow the Vikings is a 4 year transnational project to promote heritage tourism in Europe.

Orality and local society

A project about the documentation, digitalisation and presentation of local oral tradition and history.

The great dragon’s parade – European myths and legends

A performing arts project based on European myths and legends.