Be inspired by Irish projects funded by Creative Europe from 2017 - 2019 in our Across Borders Across the Board Vol II publication. This publication is a visual and contextual resource which highlights Ireland’s success within the Creative Europe Culture funding strand. The case studies detail the benefits that Creative Europe funding has brought to Irish partners who have participated in the programme. The profiles feature both individual artists and cultural organisations across Cooperation projects and Artist Mobility strands of funding. We also focus on Irish participation across the Literary Translation strand; support for European Networks and Platforms; and other European Prizes. 

Across Borders Across the Board  2007 - 2013 Vol I which features profiles of all of the projects funded under the Culture Programme 2007-2013 that involved Irish organisations. 

Take a look at some examples of Creative Europe funded projects with Irish partners below and get some ideas for your own activities. You can see who their partners were, the types of activities that were funded, and follow links to the projects' websites. 

Creative Europe ProjectsThe European Commission hosts a project database that contains all projects funded under the Creative Europe programme. 

Year: 2018

A Woman’s Work

A Woman’s Work project uses photography and digital media to challenge the dominant view of gender and work in Europe. The project will explore the shifting relationship between home and the workplace through artistic collaboration and exchange across borders to co-produce exhibitions, publications and online resources.

Big Bang Festival

BIG BANG is a festival of music performances and sound art for young audiences. 12 cultural organisations in Europe (and also the NAC/CNA in Canada) transform their venues and neighbourhoods into a musical labyrinth with each partner presenting a unique BIG BANG FESTIVAL every year.

Cultural Adaptations

Cultural Adaptations will focus on culture’s role in society’s adaptation to climate change and on issues that cultural organisations themselves need to think about.

European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab will bring AI related scientific and technological topics to audiences and will contribute to a critical and
reflective society.

European Digital Treasures

European Digital Treasures: Management of Centennial Archives in 21st Century (European Digital Treasures) aims to bring joint European heritage, especially its digital versions, increased visibility, outreach and use.

FEDORA Platform

In times of diminishing public funding, FEDORA has established four prizes that are awarded to promising teams who collaborate on the creation of new opera or ballet co-productions, and on the involvement and education of new and young audiences.

FUTURES European Photography Platform

Futures is a photography platform that pools the resources and talent programmes of leading photography institutions across Europe in order to increase the capacity, mobility and visibility of its selected artists.

Imagining Sustainable Glass Network Europe (ISGNE)

Imagining Sustainable Glass Network Europe (ISGNE) will develop supports for artists, designers, curators and cultural workers working in the field of glass in the UK and across Europe through the provision of mobility visits, residencies, exhibitions, professional transnational classes and audience development initiatives such as artist-led community workshops, symposiums and an annual forum.

Jazz Connective

Jazz Connective is a collaborative project between different European actors to strengthen jazz artistic scenes. Composed of promoters and producers, musicians and professionals, the project will explore and address issues such as lack of promotion, difficulties in career progression, relationships to institutions and audiences.

Magic Carpets Platform

Magic Carpets is a platform uniting fifteen European cultural organisations that create opportunities for emerging artists to travel, make work with local communities, and engage in cultural activism.

Make a Move

The Make a Move project will test an innovative Art Incubator program, designed for non-institutionalised theatre practitioners and small independent cultural operators primarily from the field of contemporary movement-based theatre.


A Map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years is an artistic research project focused on creating a sensory-based relationship with very young children, from 0 to 6 years, through performing arts.

Memory of Water

Memory of Water is an artist-led project exploring post-industrial waterfront heritage in the context of urban planning and community development.

Murals for Communities

Murals for Communities project explores the potential of mural arts as a tool for Community Engagement by creating mural art works with community involvement. The project seeks to expand the careers of mural artists within the European cultural scene. The lead partner is Waterford City & Council / Waterford Walls, Ireland.

Our Many Europes

Our Many Europes project sets out to explore the ways in the 1990s created the conditions under which Europeans live today. OME will focus on audience development and transnational mobility of museum staff and artists who will improve their professional skills through peer learning.


The POWER project aims to involve socially vulnerable people such as disabled and migrant disabled people, in the production of theatre performances. It will also help enhance the skills and knowledge of producers that organise artistic activities for disabled people.


PUSH+ project will stimulate European dialogue and initiate new artistic ideas and performances around three topics in performance for young audiences - Home, Failure and Different Bodies. Each topic will have a year-long focus with a Lab, Residency and Festival Visit/Presentation. PUSH+ will also explore three artistic formats - Participatory, Site-specific and Inter-generational across all three topics.

Read Me I Am Yours

The project Read Me I am Yours is a joint endeavour of three literary festivals with the aim of promoting European literature which originates from lesser known linguistic areas in Slovenia, Ireland and Croatia.

Shaking the Walls

The project will give an artistic shape to various kinds of real and metaphorical walls that divide people, individual, social and racial groups, nations and countries. Artistic undertakings will include informal performances, audiovisual art, street art and theatre performances designed for a professional stage.

The Legend of the Great Birth

The Legend of Great Birth was a project implemented in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. It aimed to promote common European heritage in relation to creation myths through the use of theatre.