Cultural Adaptations will focus on culture’s role in society’s adaptation to climate change and on issues that cultural organisations themselves need to think about.

Lead Partner

Creative Carbon Scotland

  • Axis Ballymun, (Ireland) will work with CodemaDublin’s regional energy agency
  • Greentrack Gent (Belgium) will work with the City of Ghent local authority
  • TILLT  (Sweden) will work with the City of Gothenburg local authority.
Funding Strand

Cooperation Projects

Community Grant



Cultural Adaptations (2018 to March 2021) is led by Creative Carbon Scotland. The project will focus on culture’s role in society’s adaptation to climate change and on issues that cultural organisations themselves need to think about. 

Four cultural organisations including Irish partner, Axis Ballymun, will explore collaboratively how this approach can work in countries with similar climate challenges but differing socio-political frameworks. Each Cultural Partner is working with a local Adaptation Partner on the project:

Project Activities will include a number of activities that will take place to explore different aspects of the project:

  • Develop a methodology for managers of local cultural SMEs to enable them to develop and implement climate change adaptation strategies.
  • Test how artists can help provide new ways of thinking, fresh perspectives and different approaches to the challenges of adapting to climate change. Each pairing will also place an artist in an adaptation project as an embedded artist project.
  • Each pairing will organise a meeting attended by all the Partners who will participate in a workshop to disseminate the methodology to local cultural managers and a review of the Embedded Artist Project.
  • An international conference will be held in Scotland in October 2020 to bring together and disseminate the cumulative project learning.
  • Creative Carbon Scotland will produce a Toolkit and supporting Digital Resource to enable cultural and adaptation actors across Europe and further afield to develop their own Adaptation Strategies and benefit wider society by running Embedded Artist projects.
Testimonial from Irish Partner
'Climate breakdown and our ability to adapt is a conversation that can be difficult to engage with. Through ​Cultural Adaptations, ​Dublin is excited to trial a pilot project (​The Community Vaults),​ connecting artists, local​ authorities, experts in the field and communities in a multifaceted​ approach to reaching climate and sustainability goals.

Bringing in creative thinkers and facilitators who excel in communication​ and innovation, the project is based around creating multiple ‘Pods of Thought’. Each Pod is led by an artist and guided by ideas and themes​ emerging from local climate action plans. The artist’s role is to generate rigorous conversation nurtured by their own methodology and​ collaborative instincts.

The aim is to refine a methodology and framework to allow the​ Community Vault​ model to expand nationwide. This trial will provide us​ with proof of concept. ​Community Vaults​ has the capacity to shift the​ paradigm for local authorities and embed a collaborative creative approach into their future planning and policy design. There will likely​ never be another moment so perfectly positioned to harness the synergy of two networks​.'
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