Murals for Communities project explores the potential of mural arts as a tool for Community Engagement by creating mural art works with community involvement. The project seeks to expand the careers of mural artists within the European cultural scene. The lead partner is Waterford City & Council / Waterford Walls, Ireland.

Lead Partner

Waterford City and County Council (Ireland) / The Walls Project (Ireland)

  • Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Lithuania)
  • Stichting Street Art (Netherlands).
Funding Strand

Cooperation Projects

Community Grant



The Murals for Communities project seeks to explore, capture and formalise the potentials of Mural arts as a tool for Community Engagement by creating Mural art works through community involvement and co creation between community members and Mural artists. 

Mural Art is increasingly being seen as a valuable tool for community building. However, as it is more generally the product of urban cultures created and thriving outside the contexts of traditional art and cultural infrastructures, their creation processes, and potentials for community engagement have not yet been captured on a systematic scale. Still, there are many cities in Europe, especially those that have issues with deprivation (e.g. worn-off high-rise blocks, open spaces and raw walls in-between historical buildings) where Mural art is popping-up in a bottom-up manner.

Murals for Communities aims to expand the possibilities of mural artists and seek to strengthen their position and capacity within the European cultural scene. 

Outputs and events:

  • The Waterford leg of Murals For Communities took place from 5th -15th August, 2020. 
  • See the list of events from each city and partner here.
  • The project Irish partner, Waterford Walls, were invited to be part of the Galway 2020 regional programme.
  • There will be a final Murals for Communities online conference hosted by Create Fest will run from 5th to 7th November, 2020. 
  • Handbook and leaflet for policy makers and funders based on partner research on how to engage with local community groups, identify artists, and build the professional capacity of artists will be published on the Mural for Communities website in December, 2020. 
  • Download the final Murals for Communities project Brochure here.

Watch the final Murals for Communities online confereence below. 

Testimonial from Irish Partner

Through Murals for Communities, The Walls Project gave the greater community an opportunity to meet with international artists to come together and create lasting pieces of work that makes a difference in Waterford – in terms of originality of their content and the genesis behind their rationale. All the artworks were generated as a result of training workshops were the artists met and dialogued with three community groups in Waterford City. The final pieces are the visual representation of needs, stories and wishes of those communities.

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