The NEFELE project brings together four European arts organisations working in the field of arts and mental health. This ambitious and innovative project covers a wide range of objectives including the establishment of the first European pilot art festival for Mental Health in Athens in 2016.

Lead Partner



First Fortnight (IE); Asociacija Aukstelkes Specialiosios Olimpiados Klubas (LT); EURO-NET (IT).

Funding Strand

Smaller Scale Cooperation Projects

Community Grant



The project has its focus in the following, prioritised, objectives:

  • Organisation of the first European pilot Art Festival for Mental Health in Athens, in October 2016.
  • Establishment of the European Network Art Festival for Mental Health and organising its Founding Congress in Athens, in January 2017.
  • Support of four (4) local festivals organized by the project partners in their countries
  • Development of  tools for the professional support of the artists
  • Networking and promoting the idea of the art festival that focuses on mental health throughout the EU
Testimonial from Irish Partner

First Fortnight is delighted to be a part of NEFELE. The benefits to being part of a Creative Europe funded project have been numerous. The financial aid we received was essential and we couldn't have participated without it, but Creative Europe projects is never just about funding, for us it is equally about opportunity and potential. 

We have had an opportunity to showcase ourselves on a European platform and use the experience and skills we have gained over the years to assist the project in its various stages. Equally, we have benefited from the experience and advice of our fellow peers and partners of the project, each partner has brought something unique to the project. As part of NEFELE, we were honoured to send a number of Irish artists over to represent Ireland at the first European Mental Health Arts Festival. To be involved in European history and the start of a wave of positive change for mental health is one of First Fortnight's highlights to date. 

We've gained invaluable experience, strengthened relationships and have grown our networks that will continue to stand to us after the project finished.

Now we look towards the future and the potential of continuing and expanding the NEFELE project, with our conference in January being a big step towards achieving our greater goal around mental health and the arts and fighting stigma.