Poetry International Web, is a worldwide forum for poetry on the internet. PIW collates news, essays, interviews, discussions, and hundreds of poems by acclaimed modern poets from all around the world, both in the original language and in English translation

Lead Partner

Poetry International Web (2006-2007)


Nederlands Literair Produktie- en Vertalingensfonds (NL), The Munster Literature Centre (IE), The Poetry Society (UK), Vlaams Fonds Voor De Letteren (BE)

Funding Strand

Culture 2000 Annual Funding projects

Community Grant



Poetry International Web (PIW) is a website for outstanding modern poetry from many different countries.

Each month the European partners of PIW together with partners in other countries publish a magazine on the site containing new poetry, background information, poet's biographies, essays. poets' diaries and discussions. Creating a magazine on such an international level is unique in Europe and the rest of the world. The website functions as an interactive forum for visitors, editors, poets and professionals, who will be able to exchange knowledge and communication directly with each other.


PIW aims to propagate outstanding international poetry and the translations of such poetry. By using the Internet PIW is able to publish poetry and exchange information about poetry worldwide in an attractive way. Over the period 2006-2007 PIW intends to expand and make international poetry even more accessible, by adding elements to the site and stepping up its publicity campaign. The website is set to grow to 23 participating countries in this period, and envisages a 50% visitor increase.

  • The greater dissemination of Irish poetry worldwide.
  • Translation opportunities for Irish poets.
  • Invitations to Irish poets to festivals abroad.
  • A resource for selecting poets of other countries to appear at festivals in Ireland.