The project Read Me Live is aimed at promoting reading through live literature. Literary evenings, interviews with authors and gala literary events will be organised with established European writers to attract a large audience. A direct exchange between authors of the respective co-organisers and other countries will be ensured. A series of other events will establish a direct exchange between the author and the reader.

Lead Partner

Društvo slovenskih pisateljev – Slovene Writers’ Association (Slovenia)


Galway Arts Centre / Cúirt (Ireland); Associazione Ex Border (Italy); Vilenica International Literary Festival (Slovenia).

Funding Strand

Strand 1.2.1. Cooperation projects


Amount awarded: €199,177 (50% of budget)
Project start date: Oct 2010
Project end date: May 2011

A unique web portal will contain live performances of established European authors at the presented events organised by the co-organisers festivals. It will grow to host all the most prestigious live literary events in Europe. The portal will thus become an archive of best live performances of acknowledged European authors; a database of information on presented authors including the list of books translated into the partner’s language; and a forum for discussion.

The reader will be a special focus of the project. There will be debates to discuss reading habits, readers’ profiles, the question of educating a readership, and academic debate on literary theory in the presented European countries.

The aim is to highlight commonalities and emphasise differences between the countries involved, promoting cross-cultural understanding and intercultural dialogue. The programme will be designed to attract readers from all generations and profiles, including experts, students, young adults, elementary school pupils and the general public.


Cúirt is an international literary event that takes place annually in the west of Ireland. Cúirt will be 29 years old in 2014 and continues to grow and develop toward its 30th anniversary. The Cúirt festival programme comprises six days of readings, book launches, discussion events, youth events, music, spoken word, theatre and outreach.

Testimonial from Irish Partner

Read Me Live introduced Italian and Slovene writers to Irish literature, Irish writers and our cultural traditions. Writers participated in a range of event types at three different festivals, resulting in a diverse exploration of various subjects and themes. The feedback was tremendous and it encouraged us to keep working in this area, where we could meet with and learn from energised partners.’ – Dani Gill, Director, Cúirt 

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