MERIDIANS is a European network for the performing arts in non-conventional venues which was established in 2006. The network exists to promote the creation and co-production of works based on exchanges between artists and partners from various European Union countries in the field of the performing arts. These should inhabit and use the city as a stage to link its citizens to non-conventional theatre languages.

Lead Partner

Patronat Municipal de la Fira del Teatre al Carrer (Spain)


St. Patrick’s Festival (Ireland); Društvo gledališče Ane Monro (SIovenia); Event International Co. Ltd (UK); INTEATRO Centro per la promozione e la ricerca teatrale (Italy); Internationaal Straattheater vzw (Belgium); Ville de Mulhouse – Festival Scènes de Ru (France).

Funding Strand

Strand 1.2.1. Cooperation projects


Amount awarded: €188,282 (50% of the budget)

Seven of the leading arts festivals in Europe will work collectively to enable eight performance companies, four established and four emerging, to explore creative practices, resulting in four new street arts creations. The working processes, which will be shared with other organisations, will investigate and deepen intercultural dialogue within the arts in Europe in a direct and transferable fashion.

The main goal of the project is to create an opportunity for young, emerging artists and companies to develop performance pieces that investigate new artistic expressions in the field of street arts and in non-conventional venues, and to match these fresh companies with experienced creators in the field to assist the artistic process. To underpin the dissemination of the work, the leading arts festivals form a supportive steering group to facilitate the management of the project, and to ensure that the resulting work is seen by millions of audience members across Europe.

The creation will take place in sequential residencies in Spain, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and Croatia.


The principal aim of St. Patrick’s Festival, since its inauguration, is to develop a major annual international festival around the national holiday over which the ‘owners’ of the festival, the Irish people, would stand proud. It sets out to reflect the talents and achievements of Irish people on many national and world stages, and it acts as an exciting showcase for the manifold skills of the people of Ireland, of every age and social background.

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