Lead Partner

Goethe-Institut (Germany)


Cork Vision Centre / Cork Civic Trust (Ireland); The University of Lodz (Poland); Centre of Culture and Art Initiatives (Lithuania); The Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre (Finland); STOA AESCHYLOU (Cyprus); Gulliver Clearing House Foundation (The Red House) (Belgium); Transforma – laboratory for contemporary artistic practice (Portugal); AIDA, non-profit association for artistic development (Belgium); Collectif l’art au quotidien (France).

Funding Strand

Strand 1.2.1. Cooperation projects


Amount awarded: €199,570
Total project budget: €399,140
Project start date: March 2010
Project end date: April 2013

United States of Europe (USE) is a travelling exhibition about diversity and identity, about unity in diversity. It is also a platform for transnational circulation of artworks. USE consists of three main project dimensions:

  1. Artists’ interpretations of European identity in multimedia, cyberculture, video and installations that will be exhibited in public spaces and in traditional exhibition venues;
  2. Sociological study based on five different methods, conducted among different groups of young European people, the results of which will also be exhibited in spaces mentioned above;
  3. An interactive laboratory where the artistic and sociological dimensions come together. The laboratory is intended as a hybrid environment where people exchange and interact over time. It is also part of the exhibition.

The USE exhibition will tour to 10 European cities, offering artist workshops and round table debates around the theme of European identity during the tour. Calls for photography and storytelling will be issued for professional photographers and authors as well as a wider audience.

USE is led by a consortium of ten partners with different fields of competence in culture. The partnership reflects diversity in terms of geography, seniority in the EU, political and historical background.

USE responds to a need to for a cultural project that adds new, artistic perspectives to the debate about European identity and about the Europe we live in. USE wants to make many Europeans’ voices heard. Listening to the people will make them will listen back. This creates awareness, understanding and in the end commitment.


Cork Civic Trust is a non-profit-making voluntary organisation, dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our architectural heritage and environment and the promotion of visual arts and cultural tourism through its management and programming of the Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter’s.

The National Sculpture Factory (NSF) is an organisation which provides and promotes a supportive and enabling environment for the making of art and the realisation of creative projects.

Crawford Art Gallery, a national cultural institution and regional art museum for Munster, is dedicated to the visual arts, both historic and contemporary.

Testimonial from Irish Partner

Cork Civic Trust, through the Director of the Cork Vision Centre, John X Miller, was the lead Irish organisation in the initial development stages of the project. However, the project evolved into a hugely successful collaborative project in terms of its delivery in Ireland, involving Cork Civic Trust, the National Sculpture Factory (NSF), and the Crawford Art Gallery, where the USE exhibition was hosted.

An integral part of the USE exhibition in Ireland was a symposium organised by the NSF, Dreams of Freedom? Conversations on Aesthetics, Ethics & European Democracies.

Among the positive outcomes are a strong desire to collaborate on future projects and the strengthening of artistic links and relationships with the participating countries.

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