The VIBE exhibition will invite audiences to experience how visual impairment affects one’s engagement with art.

Lead Partner

Cooperativa Atlante (IT)


Instituto dei Ciechidi Milano (IT); MSU museum in Zagreb (HR); Glucksman Art Gallery, University College Cork (IE)

Funding Strand

Smaller Scale Cooperation Projects

Community Grant



Is it possible to experience abstract artworks without using your eyes? And how can the aesthetic experience of sighted visitors be enhanced to understand the experiences of the visually impaired?

Voyage Inside a Blind Experience is an exhibition that can be enjoyed by a visually impaired public, through works by the renowned artists Anni and Josef Albers as well as tactile models, darkroom installations, interactive displays and educational programmes.

Testimonial from Irish Partner

“The Glucksman is thrilled to receive Create Europe funding for the VIBE project with our partners in Milan, Italy and Zagreb, Croatia. VIBE will present a touring exhibition of artworks by artists Josef and Anni Albers that will be developed with specific supports in order to provide a meaningful experience of the artworks for blind and visually impaired people.”

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