WoW is a project by women on women which addresses issues of gender equality in a diverse and multicultural Europe, through an historical and contemporary perspective. WoW will promote girls and women’s empowerment by strengthening their voices and participation, and by providing a new model of social and economic integration of migrant, refugee and minority groups of women.

Lead Partner

City of Women (Slovenia)

Funding Strand

Smaller Scale Cooperation Projects

Community Grant



Women on Women (2019 - 2021) is about the (re)presentation of women by women, past and present. Patriarchal perspectives of history exclude women from the picture unless they were part of the power structure at play. The project therefore focuses on gender equality through a feminist perspective, tracing the legacy of women particularly from a diverse and intersectional perspective. The term women, stands for women, transgender and intersex people who identify as women.

The project will test new models of solidarity and knowledge exchange between different communities and celebrates the achievements of women past and present with nominations, portraits, collective performances, city mappings, and artistic interventions in public spaces as well as by developing artistic programmes that reflect the cultural diversity of contemporary societies.

WoW will include twenty women of diverse social, economic, cultural, ethnic, racial, and generational backgrounds who will be integral to the preparation and realisation of the project's activities and artistic programmes.

The project aims to resist current neo-liberal and exclusionary political and populist trends by making quality art with women and presenting new narratives to new audiences. Narratives that leave people inspired and saying 'wow!'

Testimonial from Irish Partner

Women on Women (WoW) Project, a grassroots art project, to date has offered multiple intersectional and inter-community opportunitites for the creation of art and the discussion of the (re)presentation of women in our public sphere and on stages.

Over fifty women were nominated nationwide for a WoW Award, fighters of gender equality and social justice, directly linking inequalities in our society directly with the modes of (re)presentation of women.

WoW Group, seven diverse women, created a sound performance about their visibility, called ‘backstage’, as part of WoW Stories Dublin, ‘Love and Charity’, at the Mother Tongues Festival at the Civic, performed to a sold out diverse audience.    

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