In this section you will find resources to assist you in developing your knowledge of EU funding, policy and research; national cultural policy documents and links to European arts and culture networks and other related resource organisations.

EU Policy and Research Documents

Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor (Report 2017)

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is an online tool to monitor and assess the performance of ‘Cultural and Creative Cities’ in Europe vis-à-vis their peers using both quantitative and qualitative data.

Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Taxation of Artists in an International Context

The European Festivals Association (EFA) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe have teamed up to improve knowledge on legal and managerial aspects on cross-border cooperation within the EFA RISE project, funded by the Creative Europe Programme from 2014 until 2017. There are special tax rules for performing artists and this booklet explains how those rules work, both in the country of work or performance, and in the country of residence.

European culture networks

This is a list compiled by the Creative Europe Desk Ireland - Culture Office of European and international culture networks. These networks represent a variety of sectors, including architecture, cultural research and policy, digital arts, festivals, films and media, libraries, literature, mobility,museums and heritage, music, performing arts and visual arts.

European Agenda for Culture

In May 2007, the European Commission proposed an agenda for Culture founded on three common sets of objective: cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; culture as a catalyst for creativity; and culture as a key component in international relations.

Capitals of Culture post 2019

The European Commission has adopted its proposal for the continuation of the European Capitals of Culture initiative and transmitted it to the European Parliament and the Council. The work on the new proposal has been based on a broad range of inputs. These include the conclusions of the 25 year anniversary conference of the ECoC held in March 2010, four independent evaluations of past Capitals, an independent evaluation of the current selection and monitoring procedures, an on-line consultation, a public consultation meeting and DG EAC’s own experience of coordinating the initiative since 1999.

Green Paper: Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries

The objective of this consultation was to gather views on various issues impacting the cultural and creative industries in Europe, from business environment to the need to open up a common European space for culture, from capacity building to skills development and promotion of European creators on the world stage. The responses to the consultation will inform the Commission and help it ensure that EU programmes and policies involving cultural and creative industries are “fit for purpose”. The consultation, which ran 24 April to 30 July 2010 was open to individuals and organisations and in particular national, regional or local authorities, the European institutions and associations from the cultural and creative industries.

The entreprenuerial dimension of the cultural and creative industries

Following an open call for tender the European Commission entrusted a study on the Entrepreneurial Dimension of the Cultural and Creative Industriesto the Utrecht School of the Arts. The aim of this Study was to provide a better understanding of the operations and needs of companies in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs), especially small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs). The intention was not to provide a comprehensive overview but rather to describe some of the problems and provide recommendations.  Throughout the Study, there are 40 case studies that illustrate key approaches and initiatives found in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.

Communication on Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the new 7 year funding programme for the cultural and creative sectors for the 2014 - 2020 multi-annual financial framework. It specifically targets the needs of the cultural and creative sectors aiming to operate beyond national borders and with a strong link to the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity.

FAQ Financial Instrument

European Commission FAQ document on the financial instrument (loan guarantee fund) for the Cultural and Creative Sectors

OMC report on access to culture

Examples on policies and good practices in the public arts and in cultural institutions to promote better access to and wider participation in culture.


Brochure presents the findings and conclusions of a study carried out by the EACEA. The study mapped and evaluated existing websites (platforms) within the cultural sector aimed at stimulating debate and cross-border exchange of matters concerning European culture