In this section you will find resources to assist you in developing your knowledge of EU funding, policy and research; national cultural policy documents and links to European arts and culture networks and other related resource organisations.


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Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor (Report 2017)

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is an online tool to monitor and assess the performance of ‘Cultural and Creative Cities’ in Europe vis-à-vis their peers using both quantitative and qualitative data.

Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Taxation of Artists in an International Context

The European Festivals Association (EFA) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe have teamed up to improve knowledge on legal and managerial aspects on cross-border cooperation within the EFA RISE project, funded by the Creative Europe Programme from 2014 until 2017. There are special tax rules for performing artists and this booklet explains how those rules work, both in the country of work or performance, and in the country of residence.

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