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Culture Moves Europe - Individual Mobility of Artists + Cultural Professionals


Rolling monthly deadlines from October 2023 to 31 May 2024

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Culture Moves Europe Open Call for Individual Mobility
Culture Moves Europe Open Call for Individual Mobility

Culture Moves Europe Individual Mobility Call

Are you an artist or do you work in the field of culture and would like funding support to carry out a project in another country? Culture Moves Europe offers mobility grants to individual artists and cultural professionals willing to implement a project abroad.

Culture Moves Europe’s second call for individual mobility targets artists and cultural professionals working in the following sectors: music, literature, architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, visual arts, and performing arts.

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  • The Individual Mobility Action of Culture Moves Europe provides financial support to artists and cultural professionals who, in collaboration with an international partner (either an organisation or an individual), wish to carry out a mobility project between Creative Europe countries.
  • Through this action, Culture Moves Europe aims to support artists and cultural professionals in developing their careers internationally, learning and cooperating beyond borders. Applicants are free to choose who they want to work with, as well as the outline and goals of their project.
  • Grants are calculated for each individual artist and cultural professional based on the project duration, with top-ups for specific needs. The mobility grant contributes to travel costs and daily expenses during the implementation of the project. Through top-ups, additional financial support is granted based on individual needs such as A&CPs living with disabilities, travelling to or from OCTs or ORs, with custody of minors, or using sustainable means of travelling.
  • In addition to encouraging the inclusion of people from different backgrounds and profiles, this mobility project strives for environmental sustainability by endorsing sustainable practices in mobility projects.
  • During the selection process, special attention is given to ensure gender, country, and sectoral balance, as well as to include emerging artists and cultural professionals.

You can apply if:

  • You are an individual artist or cultural professional, or a group of maximum 5 artists or cultural professionals;
  • You (and all group members, if applicable) are at least 18 years old;
  • To apply to Culture Moves Europe, applicants must have a mobility project, which includes three elements: One international partner; One project, One destination.
  • You (and all group members, if applicable) are legally residing in a Creative Europe Country. Applicant must be a legal resident in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries: Albania, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Tunisia and Ukraine.
  • Including the Overseas Countries and Territories and Outermost Regions of the European Union:
    Overseas Countries and Territories:

    Greenland (Denmark), French Polynesia (France), New Caledonia (France), Saint Barthelemy (France), St. Pierre and
    Miquelon (France), Wallis and Futuna Islands (France), Aruba (The Netherlands), Bonaire (The Netherlands), Curaçao (The Netherlands), Saba (The Netherlands), Sint Maarten (The Netherlands), Sint Eustatius (The Netherlands).
    Outermost Regions:

    French Guiana (France), Guadeloupe (France), Martinique (France), Mayotte (France), Reunion Island (France), Saint Martin (France), Azores (Portugal), Madeira (Portugal), Canary Islands (Spain).
  • You will implement a project in another Creative Europe country than your country of residence, together with a person or an entity that has accepted to be your international partner in this country;
  • Your project covers at least one of the 7 eligible sectors: architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, literature, music, performing arts, and visual arts;
  • With your project, you will be able to explore, learn, create and/or connect.
  • You will start your mobility from your country of residence and come back to your country of residence after the project has taken place;
  • The implementation of your project in the destination country will be 7 days minimum and 60 days maximum for an individual project, or 7 days to 21 days for a group project, excluding travel time, and will be uninterrupted;
  • The start of your mobility project is not earlier than 60 days from the applicable monthly deadline for which you are applying;
  • You will implement your project within one year after signature of the grant agreement and no later than 31 May 2025;
  • Successful grantees (individual or group leader/member) of the Individual Mobility Action of Culture Moves Europe can only receive a mobility grant once under the Individual Mobility Action, between October 2022 and July 2025. However:
    • Beneficiaries (hosts or participating A&CPs) having previously received a grant from the Residency Action of Culture Moves Europe are eligible to apply to the Individual Mobility Action.
    • Grantees of the Individual Mobility Action are eligible to apply to the Residency Action of Culture Moves Europe, as host or participating A&CPs.
    • Beneficiaries having previously received an i-Portunus mobility grant are eligible to apply, but priority will be given to first-time applicants.
  • These are selected guidelines only - please download the 2023 - 2024 Culture Moves Europe call document for full details of eligibility requirements.

  • Applicants must implement a project in one of the eligible sectors: architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, literature, music, performing arts and visual arts.
  • Project objectives: 2 of the following project objectives must be selected by the applicant:
    • To explore: to conduct creative and artistic research, to investigate, inspire and work on a specific theme or a new concept.
    • To create: to engage in a creative process seeking to produce a new piece of artistic/cultural work;
    • To learn: to enhance the participants’ competences and skills through non-formal learning or collaboration with a specialist.
    • To connect: to develop a professional network, to strengthen the participants’ professional development, to engage with new audiences.
  • The project duration corresponds to the number of days spent in the destination country to implement the project. The travel time to the country of destination is not counted. The duration requested must be justified and last:
    • between 7 and 60 days for individual projects;
    • between 7 and 21 days for group projects.
    • The implementation of the project in the destination country must be uninterrupted, which means that it is not accepted to segment the implementation of the project into different periods, and/or go to other
      countries during the implementation of the project in the destination country.
  • These are selected guidelines only - please download the 2023 - 2024 Culture Moves Europe call document for full details.

  • Please download 2023 - 204 Call Document for full details for individual mobility funding details.
  • The grant amount indicated on the Goethe-Application Portal, at application stage, is indicative. The final amount is confirmed only after the validation by the Culture Moves Europe team and is indicated in the grant agreement. The financial contribution is composed of two elements: the mobility grant, and the top-ups and disability support.
  • Travel allowance: Contributes to the travel expenses for the journey from the place of legal residence to the place of destination and back to the place of residence.
    • For applicants planning to implement a project at least 5.000 km away from their place of legal residence, the travel grant is adapted to reflect the additional cost and time of long-distance travel.
    • The Culture Moves Europe project encourages applicants to choose sustainable ways of travelling with the green mobility top-up.
    • Travel distance under 5000 km: €350 per person for round-trip. Travel distance above 5.000 km: €700 per person for round-trip. For short distances of under 600 km, travelling by airplane is only allowed in exceptional and well justified cases. For persons with disabilities for travelling from or to an island with no ferry connections due to force majeure or grave personal circumstances
  • Daily allowance: Contributes to accommodation, meals, and other expenses during the implementation of the project. The project duration should be justified in relation to the project activities.
    • €75 per person per day. It is a contribution to accommodation, food, renting equipment, local transport, etc.
  • Top-ups and disability support: The aim is to support the inclusion of people from various backgrounds and profiles, based on individual needs.
    • Green top-up: €350 per person for choosing not to travel by airplane (round-trip). Only applicable for distances of 600 km and more.
    • Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions top-up: €150 per person for travelling from or to Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions.
    • Visa top-up: €80 per person for expenses related to visa processing.
    • Family top-up: €100 per person for persons with children below the age of 10. The amount is fixed, regardless of the number of children.
    • Disability support: Up to 100% of travel and daily allowance per person. For people whose disabilities affect their ability to carry out the mobility project. Budget to be agreed with the Culture Moves Europe team according to individual needs.
    • The top-ups can be added cumulatively: one person can receive several top-ups at the same time. Justification and proof for the required top-ups will be asked.
  • Culture Moves Europe operates on a lump-sum approach which means that the amount indicated in the grant agreement is granted regardless of the actual expenses. Selected applicants remain fully responsible for their own security and safety. The Culture Moves Europe team recommends that grantees notify and register with their Embassy before starting their mobility project, and to obtain travel insurance. There is no additional support to cover this cost.
  • These are guidelines only. Please refer to the 2023 -2024 Call Document - Section 4 for full details of how the mobility grants are calculated.

  • For full details of this call please refer to this website page for current deadlines and guidelines.
  • You can download the 2023 - 2024 Culture Moves Europe call document here.
  • Questions most commonly asked related to the Culture Moves Europe mobility scheme have been added to a FAQ web page here here.
  • Apply on the Goethe-Institut application portal here. Please ensure that you follow the guidelines on the Culture Moves Europe portal when making your funding applications.
  • The Culture Moves Europe team is available to answer questions via or you can contact us if you have some general queries on this call.
  • The rolling call is open from 2nd October 2023 until 31st May 2024, 23:59:59 CEST (22:59:59 Irish time). During the rolling call period, there is a monthly deadline on the last day of each month. All applications received during that month are evaluated in the following weeks. The best applications are selected for funding, taking into consideration the overall available monthly budget. The monthly deadlines are the following:
    31 October 2023 23:59:59 CET
    30 November 2023 23:59:59 CET
    No monthly deadline in December 2023.
    31 January 2024 23:59:59 CET
    29 February 2024 23:59:59 CET
    31 March 2024 23:59:59 CET
    30 April 2024 23:59:59 CEST
    31 May 2024 23:59:59 CEST
    According to previous experience, applicants wait until the last monthly deadline to send their application, which greatly increases competition within that month. Applicants are encouraged to apply earlier.
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