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Markets & Networking


Deadline time is 4:00pm Irish time.

This call is now closed

Galway Film Fair; Galway Film Fleadh
Galway Film Fair; Galway Film Fleadh

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The objective of the Markets & Networking call is to enhance the promotion of European content in the global market and to foster cooperation among all parts of the audiovisual value chain for the co-creation and promotion of European audiovisual works.

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  • Improve the innovative aspect of existing European industry markets, and to increase their systemic impact;
  • Encourage the creation of networks of markets;
  • Encourage the development of networks among European professionals with the aim to co-create series;
  • Promote sustainability and the greening process of the markets;
  • Improve the competitiveness, circulation and promotion of European audiovisual works on international markets
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion in the markets and networks;
  • Ensure that Europe's audiovisual industry is taking full advantage of technological and business innovation.

  • Natural persons — Natural persons are NOT eligible (with the exception of self-employed persons, i.e. sole traders, where the company does not have legal personality separate from that of the natural person.
  • Applications by single applicants are allowed (single beneficiaries; affiliated entities and other participants are allowed, if needed) as well as proposals submitted by a consortium of at least 2 applicants (beneficiaries; not affiliated entities).
  • Financial support to third parties will be accepted in networking activities across the whole value chain organised by pan European networks, aimed at facilitating the distribution and circulation of European AV and/or cinematographic works and the networking of European professionals. Your project application must clearly specify why financial support to third parties is needed, how it will be managed and provide a list of the different types of activities for which a third party may receive financial support. The proposal must also clearly describe the results to be obtained.
  • International organisations are eligible. The rules on eligible countries do not apply to them.
  • Given the nature of this action and its international character, including the facilitation of international co-creations and co-productions, it is necessary that, in line with Article 17 (3) and 17(4) of the basic act, entities from the cultural and creative sectors established in third countries be able to participate in the projects it supports even if those countries do not participate in the programme or its MEDIA strand. In such cases, said entities will bear the cost of their participation.
  • See Section 6 of the Markets & Networking Call Document for full eligibility requirements.


  • Industry events, physical, digital or hybrid, focused on business-to-business exchanges among European audiovisual professionals, facilitating co-productions and sales and showing a structuring effect on the European audiovisual eco-system as well as impact on the promotion and sales of European audiovisual works on global markets.
  • Activities and events should adapt to current market trends and include innovative content (videogames, VR, XR, AI, cross-media), animation or genre audiovisual works.

Networks of Markets

  • Networks of markets, organised around a thematic basis or geographically, should increase their impact on the audiovisual industry. They can therefore cover e.g. several film markets of a specific region or e.g. several markets focussing on specific types of works (i.e. kids content, documentaries, animation, videogames, AR, VR) or both.
    Networking activities across the whole value chain.
  • These networking activities will contribute to the promotion of European works and consolidation of the audiovisual eco-system across the whole value chain. These networks can propose either:
    • Activities related to different existing markets within and outside the countries participating in the MEDIA strand. Such activities will include business-to-business promotional activities, including financial support to third parties, aimed at facilitating the distribution of European audiovisual works or exchange of best practices, with a particular focus on innovative technologies and business practices.
    • Or activities related to the co-creation of series, leading to marketable and competitive European series.

  • Project budget (maximum grant amount): No limit.
  • The grant will be a budget-based (actual costs, with unit cost and flat-rate elements). This means that it will reimburse ONLY certain types of costs (eligible costs) and costs that were actually incurred for your project (NOT the budgeted costs). For unit costs and flat-rates, you can charge the amounts calculated as explained in the Grant
    Agreement (see art 6 and Annex 2 and 2a).