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Network of European Cinemas


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The Farthest, CTL
The Farthest, CTL

This call will support a European cinema operators' network with a broad geographic coverage, screening a significant proportion of non-national European films, fostering the role of European cinemas in the circulation of European works.

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  • Encourage cinema operators to screen a significant proportion of non-national European films through incentives and collaborative projects.
  • Contribute to raise and increase the interest of the audience for non-national films by developing activities for young cinema-goers.
  • Help cinemas to adapt their strategy to the changing environment including by promoting innovative approaches in terms of audience reach and engagement, as well as partnerships with other film industry operators and with local cultural institutions.
  • Encourage exchange of best practice, knowledge sharing and other forms of cross border collaboration amongst members of the network.
  • Contribute to the policy dialogue on the film industry by collecting data and disseminating the outcome of the activities of the network beyond its members.

  • The action is open to European cinema networks. A cinema network is a group of European independent cinemas developing, through the medium of a legally constituted co-ordination entity, joint activities in the area of screening and promoting European films.
  • To be eligible, the cinema network must represent at least 400 cinemas situated in at least 20 countries participating in the MEDIA strand.
  • The coordination entity shall ensure the operation of a communication and information system among the cinemas.
  • A European independent cinema is a company, association or organisation with a single or several screens based in countries participating in the MEDIA strand and which operates under the same company name. The screening of films should be the principal activity of the participant or division of the participant's organisation.

  • The action will support a network of European cinema operators screening a significant proportion of non-national European films for an increased audience and a renewed cinema-going experience.
  • Applicants should present adequate strategies to ensure a more sustainable and more environmentally-respectful industry and to ensure gender balance, inclusion, diversity and representativeness.

  • Project budget (maximum grant amount): No limit.
  • The grant awarded may be lower than the amount requested.