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News Journalism Partnerships - Pluralism


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Journalism Partners Call 7x3

This year’s Journalism Partnerships call for proposals is composed of two actions: a first one to increase collaborations between media - Collaborations; and this second action on Pluralism that supports media pluralism and media of particular relevance to democracy and civic participation.

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  • Journalism Partnerships - Pluralism will support civil society organisations active in media, and help them in setting up supporting schemes for news media organisations and independent journalism, as well as other capacity-building measures.
  • These actions, including third party support, will target media active in sectors of special relevance to democracy and civic participation, such as local and regional media, community media, independent and investigative journalism and other organisations delivering public interest news.
  • Expected Outcomes include:
    • Increased innovation and creativity in business models, journalistic production processes and distribution processes
    • Increased interest in journalism, among various social groups, language groups and age groups
    • Increased viability of professionally produced journalistic content plus increased resilience, pluralism and editorial independence of media sectors at European level, such as local, regional and community media, investigative media or media specialised in public interest topics
    • Increased resilience of civil society organisations active in the news media sectors and protection of the news media landscape
    • Improved uptake of new technologies across the targeted media sectors in as much this contributes to media pluralism and a diverse media landscape
    • Fostering repositories of knowledge about media sectors delivering public interest news (e.g. by detecting areas with low provision of high-quality content and/or in which media pluralism is strained)

  • The action is open to civil society organisations which are active in the news media sector (including media associations, NGOs, journalistic funds and training organisations focusing on media professionals, etc). These organisations should be in a position to set up third party support schemes targeting news media outlets, organisations and journalists, and in ways that enhance pluralistic media landscapes across the Union.
  • Consortia are allowed.
  • The applicant must fulfil all of the following (if the proposal is submitted by a consortium, the following conditions should be fulfilled by at least one partner):
    • have recent proven experience in implementing media-related activities
    • have recent proven experience in awarding and managing grants/or funds, in particular in the media sector.

  • The proposed activities must be run by civil society organisations and must focus on news media sectors of special relevance to democracy and civic participation in particular:
    • Local and regional media
    • Independent and investigative journalism
    • Organisations delivering public interest news/public service journalism (such as community, legal and civic journalism and media, or news increasing transparency about the media)
  • Applicants must present, develop and implement funding schemes focusing on independent media and organisations primarily active in one or more of these sectors, in view of the role the latter play in enhancing democracy, shaping the public debate and bringing benefits to their audiences and communities, instead of focusing on profit.
  • These funding schemes shall take the form of financial support to third parties. They will cover as many areas and news media organisations as possible. They shall focus on activities that contribute to sustaining, improving or transforming the work of the targeted parties. Activities can consist of:
    • Editorial production, coverage and innovations
    • Development of governance standards and editorial oversights
    • Improvement of distribution and dissemination of news
    • Development and engagement of audiences
    • Development or maintenance of technical tools applying to the above topics
    • Training on the above topics, legal advice and sectorial events
  • In addition to funding schemes, applicants can propose capacity building measures benefitting their chosen sector/s (e.g. development of deontological standards, budgetary readiness, development of criteria and indicators framing their support, repositories of knowledge, legal advice or trainings of journalists for example on how
    to address cases of unfounded court proceedings against public participation).

  • €3,000,000 per project. The grant awarded may be lower than the amount requested.
  • All projects should last 24 months.