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Pan-European Cultural Entities


This call is now closed

LUX by Kevin Killen, ISGNE; Image by Brendan Bell and Luca Piffaretti
LUX by Kevin Killen, ISGNE; Image by Brendan Bell and Luca Piffaretti

This Call for Pan-European Cultural Entities supports projects proposed by cultural entities - specifically orchestras - whose aim is to offer training, professional development, and performance opportunities to young musicians.

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  • Support the professionalisation of young musicians, offering them opportunities for high standard career development through recruitment, training and touring and performance opportunities.
  • Foster the artistic excellence of youth orchestral performance.
  • Support the activities of organisations and artists who act as promoters and ambassadors of EU values.
  • The projects should address the cross-cutting issues of inclusion and diversity, notably gender balance, and the greening of Creative Europe.
  • The projects should also address the following priorities:
    • Artists and cultural professionals: empowering the cultural and creative sectors.
    • Culture for the people: enhancing cultural participation and the role of culture in society.
    • Culture for co-creative partnerships: strengthening the cultural dimension of EU external relations.
    • Culture for digital transformation: help the European cultural and creative sectors to fully take advantage of new technologies to enhance their competitiveness.

  • Proposals should include suitable activities to meet the objective of the call and address the themes, priorities, and cross-cutting issues in an effective way. They should also present a substantiated strategy and concrete details on how to develop and implement such activities. These activities should include:
    • an adequate mix of training, mentoring programmes, apprenticeship activities or advice to music professionals
    • an adequate mix of workshops, events, concerts, exchanges, co-productions, online and offline activities aiming at the discovery of the orchestral world for diverse audience, and notably young audience.
  • This action is expected to support 3 to 5 projects that will:
    • Develop the careers of young musicians who must be nationals/residents of at least 20 countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme.
    • Reflect the diversity of culture and European musical genres.
    • Encourage the participation and access of new and young audiences to culture, by allowing them to
    • Experience orchestral music at first hand, working on both traditional and innovative formats, between artistic excellence and social engagement.
    • Finally, these projects should help to develop activities to consolidate the role of orchestras and artists as promoters and ambassadors of the European Union's values.
    • While respecting merit based on the evaluation of the award criteria, the evaluation committee will ensure that the portfolio of projects selected is diverse and respects a balance both geographically and between musical genres.

  • Project budget (maximum grant amount): €2,400,000 in total per project over the 4-year duration of the project.
  • The grant will be a lump sum grant. This means that it will reimburse a fixed amount, based on a lump sum or financing not linked to costs. The amount will be fixed by the granting authority on the basis of the estimated project budget and a funding rate of 40%.
  • Please refer to the Pan-European Cultural Entities Call Document for full details.