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Video Games + Immersive Content


Deadline time is 4:00pm Irish time.

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The Humanity Complex; Gambrinous
The Humanity Complex; Gambrinous

Download Video Games & Immersive Content Call Document.

The objective of Video Games & Immersive Content is to increase the capacity of European video game producers, XR studios and audiovisual production companies to develop video games and interactive immersive experiences with the potential to reach global audiences. The support also aims to improve the competitiveness of the European video games industry and other companies producing interactive immersive content in European and international markets by enabling the retention of intellectual property by European developers.

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  • Increased quality, appeal, feasibility and cross-border potential for selected projects.
  • A stronger position on the European and international market for video games developers and companies producing interactive immersive experiences.

  • Companies established in one of the countries participating fully in the MEDIA strand and owned directly or indirectly, wholly or by majority participation, by nationals from such countries. When a company is publicly listed, the location of the stock exchange will in principle determine its nationality.
  • European video game production companies, XR studios and audiovisual production companies that can demonstrate recent experience in producing commercially distributed eligible works.

  • Please download the Video Games & Immersive Content Call Document for full details.
  • The development of works and prototypes of interactive narrative storytelling with original content and/or quality gameplay intended for production and global commercial exploitation via PCs, consoles, mobile devices, tablets, smart phones, and other technologies.
  • Video game production companies and other companies producing immersive content to develop works with a high level of originality and innovative and creative value, and that have a high level of commercial ambition and extensive cross-border potential to reach European and international markets. This will allow for further investment in innovative European content and increase the competitiveness of European companies in the digital global market.
  • Only activities related to the concept development (pre-production) phase of narrative video games and interactive narrative immersive experiences, regardless of platform or expected distribution method, are eligible. The concept development (preproduction) phase is understood as the phase starting from the first idea until the production of the first playable prototype9 or first trial version, whichever comes first. In order to be considered narrative, the story must be told or shown throughout the whole game (in-game storytelling) or interactive immersive experience, and not only as an introduction or an ending. In all cases, the work must be intended for commercial exploitation.
  • Applications should present adequate strategies to ensure a more sustainable and more environmentally-respectful industry and to ensure gender balance, inclusion, diversity, and representativeness..

  • Project budget (maximum grant amount): €200,000 per project. The grant awarded may be lower than the amount requested.
  • The grant will be a lump sum grant. This means that it will reimburse a fixed amount based on a lump sum or financing not linked to costs. The amount will be fixed by the granting authority on the basis of the estimated project budget and a funding rate of 60%.