Creative Europe (2021-2027) will support European creative sectors with a budget of €2.44 billion.

The Creative Europe programme 2021 – 2027 sets out common goals for the cultural and creative sectors. It puts a stronger emphasis on transnational creation, global circulation and promotion of European works, innovation across sectors, and ease of funding access through higher EU co-financing rates. All funded actions and projects should respect gender equality and the EU's environmental commitments in the design and implementation of their activities.

Listed below are the main funding strands of the Culture Sub-Programme. Click on a strand to find out more about it, the eligibility criteria you must fulfil, and how to apply.

ActionDeadlineStart DateDuration
European Networks of Cultural & Creative Organisations
Níos mó
26 August 2021
European Co-operation Projects
Níos mó
7 September 2021
European Platforms for Promotion of Emerging Artists
Níos mó
29 September 2021
Circulation of European Literary Works
Níos mó
30 September 2021
Creative Innovation Lab
Níos mó
5 October 2021