Support to literary translation projects

EU support for literary translation is aimed at enhancing knowledge of the literature and literary heritage of fellow Europeans. Applications from individual publishers and publishing houses for the translation of collections of fiction from one European language into another are eligible under this scheme.  The translation and promotion of books for which authors have won the EUPL (EU Prize for Literature) are particularly encouraged.

Publishers and publishing houses can apply for funding for:

  • Translating literary fiction including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, comics and children’s fiction (paper or digital formats).
  • Translating excerpts in order to foster the selling rights of translated works.
  • Organising events, marketing and distribution activities to promote the translated works.

Category 1 – Two year projects

This category is offered every year up to 2020. The maximum duration of projects under this category is two years. Applicants can apply for up to €100,000 which should represent a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs. 50% of the eligible costs must be found from other sources.

Category 2 – Framework partnership agreements

The final call under this category is in 2018. This will be for a three year agreement. The maximum grant per application granted will be €100,000 per year which should represent a maximum of 50% of eligible costs. 50% of the eligible costs must be found from other sources.  

Next Deadline: 23 may 2018 for category 1 & 2

The next deadline for proposals under the Support for Literary Translations Strand for both Category 1 and Category 2 is 23 May 2018.  You can find full details of the call here.

Dalkey Archive Press successfully secured this funding last year. Read more about their project here.

How to apply

  • Download and read the  guidelines for Support for Literary Translations here.
  • Full details about how to apply for Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme strands can be found here.

Please contact the Creative Europe Ireland Desk (CEDI) Culture Office if you have any questions about your application.

See here for all upcoming deadlines.