11 Irish Organisations Awarded Creative Europe Co-operation Funding 2019!
11ú Iúil 2019

11 Irish Organisations Awarded Creative Europe Co-operation Funding 2019!

Congratulations to the 11 Irish organisations selected for Creative Europe Co-operation Funding in 2019! Nine Irish organisations are partners in new Co-operations projects with two - Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and Limerick Institute of Technology - taking the role as Lead Partners in projects. (See below for the full list of projects and partners). €3 million has been granted directly to Irish organisations during this Creative Europe Programme 2014 - 2020. 

Commenting on the 2019 Creative Europe Culture awards, Orlaith McBride, Director of the Arts Council, said: 

'This year there were 11 fantastic projects selected under Creative Europe with Irish partners. The Arts Council proudly supports many of the successful organisations through its Strategic Funding and Arts Grant Funding programmes and this success will further benefit not only the organisations themselves but also the wider sector, Irish audiences and communities. Irish arts and culture organisations continue to compete at the highest level in Europe building on past successes and growing their ambition with large scale innovative projects.'


1. Crafting Europe | Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (Lead Partner). 

The project starts from the need to build capacity within the crafts sector across Europe. The core focus of the project aims to address the systemic challenges identified through findings from surveys undertaken to assess the needs of the crafts sectors across 17 European countries.

'Securing funds for Crafting Europe through Creative Europe is very significant. Crafting Europe represents a holistic approach to the development of tools to support professional practice, innovation, learning and exchange for young and emerging professionals. The project will afford Irish makers the opportunity to network internationally and to understand the dynamics and opportunities for innovation, education and trade.

The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland are delighted to lead on this large scale co-operation project and will work with the 8 project partners and through the World Crafts Council Europe network to engage in research and to build capacity within the sector to support its evolution, diversity and continued growth for the future.' Louise Allen, Head of Innovation and Development at the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI)

2. FUSION: Fashion Up-Skilling Innovation Network | Limerick Institute of Technology (Lead Partner). 

This project will connect fashion and textile design-makers with digital fashion technology skills to create new product solutions for the challenges facing an active aging EU population.

'We are delighted to partner with the Fondazione Santagata per l Economia della Cultura, Italy, the UK Crafts Council, and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal on this fashion innovation co-operation project. This FUSION project aims to push the boundaries of innovation within textile and fashion design using digital fabrication technologies. As we continue to live in unsettled times, this partnership project seeks to emphasise our shared cultural heritage and commonalities in supporting fashion innovation, design education and creative enterprise across the EU. We look forward to collaborating, innovating, sharing knowledge and building closer links with our EU partners.' Muireann Charleton, Design Enterprise & Development, LIT. 

3. Centre Stage | Theatre Forum (Partner). 

This is an ambitious three year project that aims to:

  • Support professional women artists across Europe to further develop their careers
  • Raise awareness within the performing arts sector of the gender-based patterns that govern our decisions
  • Prompt change by initiating practical action around bias and gender equality in cultural programming
  • Develop the international links of women artists.

4. BE PART | Cork Midsummer (Partner). 

BE PART is a four-year audience and organisational development project in the field of participatory art practices implemented by ten EU and non-EU partners. BE PART sets out to create a European network of co-authors, supported by artists and organisations to collectively foster new approaches and structures for the co-creation and mobility of networks.

'Cork Midsummer Festival is delighted to join this 10-partner country Creative Europe programme ‘BE PART, Art Beyond PARTicipation. Towards a better understanding of the entanglements between power, politics, place and publics in arts practice.’  Working with a range of leading cultural organisations - from Scotland to Slovenia and Helsinki to Tunis - it will allow the festival, artists, communities and other co-creators here in Ireland to further strengthen our participatory arts practice through networking events, critical exchange, residencies and new commissions.' Kath Gorman, Head of Participation and Engagement, Cork Midsummer Festival.

5. Trasna Na Líne | Blue Teapot (Partner).

In order to effect lasting change in how the mainstream performance sector understands and works with artistically-led performance made by learning disabled artists, this project will create a strong network of organisations, artists and audiences which recognise and celebrate their talents.

'Blue Teapot is hugely excited to have been jointly successful in our Creative Europe application Trasna na Líne with European Partners Moomsteatern (Sweden), Theatre Babel (The Netherlands), Teatr 21 (Poland) and Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche (France). Trasna na Líne will transport a vision of outstanding theatre and performing arts created by artists with intellectual disabilities to audiences hungry for new and diverse theatre going encounters.' Petal Pilley, Artistic Director, Blue Teapot Theatre Company. 

6. Creative Accessibility Network | CWB  (Partner).

Creative Accessibility Network (CAN) is a collaborative European network passionate about finding ways to make live music performances both more immersive and more accessible to a broader audience ,tackling social inclusion for people with disabilities at live music events.

CEO, Paul Boland said, 'We at CWB are delighted to be part of such an innovative project and we are beyond thrilled to have recieved funding from creative Europe which will allow all partners involved torealise this project in full.'

'We are thrilled that this pan European project’s potential has been recognised by Creative Europe and we can’t wait to deliver some truly amazing events, we would like to thank the Irish desk of Creative Europe for their guidance and support.' Manging Director, Joe Clarke.

7. BUZZ Network | Youth Theatre Ireland (Partner).

BUZZ network is a three-year project which enables five European partners to share and develop best practice in Youth Theatre across Europe for the first time. 

'Youth Theatre Ireland are delighted to receive this European funding for the Buzz Network, which will allow us to further develop our partnerships with Youth Theatre organisations across Europe. Youth Theatre Ireland look forward to the exciting opportunities for our organisation and our members that this funding and partnership will bring.'

8. Wires Crossed | Galway Community Circus (Partner).

GCC will work with partners Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles The Serious Road Trip - România Şcoala de Circ and ULB - Université libre de Bruxellesd over the next three years to develop funambulism in Europe and provide exciting opportunities for Irish artists and communities in partnership with Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture Timișoara 2021 NUI,Galway Sergi Ots, Mariona Moya and Denis Josselin Funambule D'émotion

'We are thrilled with this support from the Creative Europe programme. The funding allows us to extend the reach, impact and scale of our Wires Crossed project and provide exciting opportunities for Irish artists and communities, which will ensure a lasting legacy for Wires Crossed beyond Galway 2020.' Ulla Hokkanen, Executive Creative Director, Galway Community Circus. 

9. Emerging Professionals: Internationalisation of music Careers | Association of Irish Choirs / Sing Ireland (Partner).

The vision of the project is to:

  • Prove the value and impact of auditioned youth music ensembles for the professionalization and internationalisation of careers
  • Improve training of emerging professionals
  • Foster the creation of new ensembles across Europe

10. Women on Women | Outlandish Theatre Company (Partner).

This two-year project, with four partners from across the Balkans and Ireland, seeks to address burning issues of gender equality in a diverse and multicultural Europe, through a historical and contemporary perspective – promoting girls and women’s empowerment by strengthening their voices and participation, and providing a new model of social and economic integration of migrant, refugee and minority groups of women.

11. Keychange | First Music Contact (Partner). 

Keychange is a European talent development programme which is now being recognised also as an international campaign for gender equality in music. It stimulates artist development, exchange and innovation by creating new international opportunities for performance, creative collaboration and capacity building amongst European female musicians and industry professionals who push the boundaries of their practice.

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