Lead partner: The Rehab Group (Ireland)
Artform: Visual arts
Year funded: 2002
Funding strand: Annual projects
Community grant: €149,998.00


Durchblick e. V., (DE), Kulturkaelderen, (Dk).


Art unites people and encourages them to surprise themselves by using their own abilities and creating. Art Reach Europe used this power to bring disabled artists from Ireland, Germany and Denmark together. By giving them the opportunity to practise, learn and exhibit their work, the project contributed to social as well as creative exchange.

The participants enjoyed a month-long artist-in-residency programme in Co. Longford, Ireland. Expert tuition was provided to small groups, enabling the artists to work together on skills and techniques, promoting mutual encouragement and the exchange of thoughts and experiences.

The German and Danish visitors brought a new dynamism to the host centre in Ireland and helped to maximise the potential and confidence of all the disabled artists in expressing themselves. One participant, Adrian Forde, said: “I’m really proud of my paintings and photography. It was great to be able to work alongside artists from abroad, to get to know them, to make friends and even to learn their language.”

The participants’ works were exhibited in all three countries and published in an exhibition catalogue. The exhibitions promoted the artwork of disabled people and increased understanding and acceptance of disabled citizens amongst the wider public.

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