Lead partner: Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Romania)
Artform: Dance
Year funded: 2011
Funding strand: Strand 1.2.1. Cooperation projects
Amount awarded: €199,978
Total project budget: €399,903
Project start date: August 2011
Project end date: April 2013


Dance Ireland (Ireland); Dublin Dance Festival (Ireland); Association of Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers (Latvia); body>data>space (UK); Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus).

Associate partner: Irish World Academy of Music and Dance / UL (Ireland)


E-Motional Bodies & Cities is a mobility and artistic exchange gathering dance artists and managers from six European countries. Clusters of artists and activities will be fed in during the two-year project, aiming at creating strong cultural links between different dance communities.

E-Motional plans to identify, nurture, attract and sustain talent and creativity at European level, by connecting artists and dance managers from countries participating in the project through mobility grants, residencies, fellowships, artistic research and performance co-production and exchange. Professional development and artistic experiment represent pillars of the project. Participants are invited to learn, research, exchange, create and perform while interacting with new cultural contexts.

The project can be seen as an interior continent and an emotional map as well as a complex metaphor of the contemporary body, subject and object of communication, space for creativity, hub for new ideas and concepts as well as vehicle for cultural development. It represents an accelerator of opportunities for exchange and intercultural dialogue, moving people’s bodies and emotions into new cultural landscapes and contexts.

In its very unique and innovative approach, the project is a concept-driven initiative that aims to mobilise talents and creative organisations towards a multi-layered European network in which artists, managers and audiences are invited to share ideas and projects. Through the important number of countries involved, participants and complex activities, the project represents an excellent contribution to long-term development of local cultural scenes.



E-Motional Bodies & Cities represented a valuable example of how an international project can generate collaboration on a national and international level and allow resources to be pooled for mutual benefit. The final two events of E-Motional in Ireland were supported by Firkin Crane in Cork, which meant that a fourth Irish organisation partnered in the project, allowing it to reach out to three main cities across Ireland.

The design of E-Motional ensured that a substantial number of artists and cultural managers exchanged and connected internationally through a wide range of events. Ireland delivered seven residencies, including one artistic research period; nine mobility grants; five fellowships; and seven performances.

It has been enormously valuable for Irish professional dance artists, producers, educators and managers to explore, observe, exchange and network with colleagues and counterparts in the other E-Motional countries. This will continue to create opportunities and forge links that can potentially lead to future projects.

Irish organisation profile 

Dublin Dance Festival is Ireland’s premiere dance festival and a major annual dance event on the annual cultural calendar. Held in Dublin every May, the Festival hosts top quality international companies and artists, as well as showcasing Irish choreographers and premiering new work.

Dance Ireland is the representative body for professional dance in Ireland, dedicated to providing training programmes, development opportunities and practical support for the needs of the professional dance community. Since 2006, it manages DanceHouse, a purpose-built rehearsal venue in Dublin. Featuring six studios, an artists’ resource room and exhibition spaces, DanceHouse is a hub for the professional dance sector and the wider dance community.

The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance / UL is a centre of academic and performance excellence housed at the University of Limerick, in the west of Ireland. The Academy focuses on disciplines ranging from music, dance and voice through to research and performance.