Lead partner: Mercator Centre, Abertstwyth University
Artform: Literature
Year funded: 2008
Funding strand: Strand 1.1 Multi-Annual Cooperation Projects
Community grant: €1,384,620,00


Inizjamed, MT Het Beschrijf (BE), Institut Ramon Llull (ES), Biedriba “Latvian Literature Centre” (LV), Center za Slovensko Knjizevnost (SI), Slovene Writers’ Association (SI)


Literature Across Frontiers is aiming to advance European cultural exchange in the field of literature and translation through multilateral cooperation encompassing:

  • policy research and analysis, 
  • publications, 
  • translator training and skills development, 
  • joint participation in international book fairs, 
  • literature festivals and other forums, 
  • organisation of larger-scale projects, as well as conferences, seminars and workshops, 

and to: 

  • foster intercultural dialogue through literature and translation within the EU and with third countries, and in particular with EU neighbours in the Mediterranean region; 
  • improve access to lesser-known literatures, particularly those written in the less widely-used languages of Europe and those underrepresented in the international arena; 
  • encourage greater diversity in international literary events and in the publishing of literature for all age groups; 
  • develop innovative approaches to literary creation, promotion, support for translation and training of literary translators working in less widely-used languages; 
  • act as a catalyst for new multilateral contacts, collaborations and innovative projects bringing literature into interaction with other art-forms and exploring the social and political role of writing; 
  • stimulate debate on relevant policy and financing at national and European level; 
  • create opportunities for the exchange of ideas, transfer of skills and knowledge, and sharing of experiences and resources amongst organisations and institutions active in this field. 
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