Lead partner: Pan Pan Theatre, IE
Artform: Performing Arts
Year funded: 2005
Funding strand: Culture 2000 Action 1
Community grant: €150,000


DoodPaard, NL; TeatrOsmego DNIA, PL


‘ONE’, a large scale performance project conceived by Pan Pan, Ireland and created in collaboration with TeatrÓsmega DNIA, Poland and Dood Paard, the Netherlands.

Centred on the opportunity of facilitating one-to-one meetings between audience and performer and designed to create a fulfilling and lasting quality of contact, the project focused on reasons for deciding to become an actor.  Through it, we were looking to create an effect that is both intimate and individual, and to rediscover a sense of emotional and spiritual reward from the encounter.

Over a number of months we visited the homes of 100 actors – Irish, Polish, Dutch and Norwegian - and asked them to answer the question: Why do you think you became an actor?  They were also asked to perform their first or favourite audition piece.  Each response was filmed and photographed.  They were briefed once by telephone and again immediately before the camera was turned on. The director of the project, Gavin Quinn, then subsequently photographed them.  Each visit lasted no more than an hour.  

In July 2005, 100 actors took part in a vast live performance in Dublin, Ireland, which centred on these one-to-one meetings. The footage shot has been edited into a 14 hour film and was shown in an outdoor cinema in Dublin’s city centre during the summer and a number of other venues (see details in list of main activities below).A large format hardback book featuring the photographs of the actors and edited text from their responses was also published.

ONE is subtitled ‘Healing with Theatre’.  The performance, the film and the book all give 100 truthful answers to a simple honest question and in each version of ONE the audience meets the performer on an individual basis.  The result of this intense encounter between actor and audience, along with all the complex supplemental conditions of the performance experience, is intended to result in a healing process: one-to-one attention evolving naturally to a state of healing.  A great triumph of personal warmth and vitality between two people; the actor and the audient.

Outcomes of the project
  • The production of a high quality, innovative and unique event, which was a new experience both for performers and audiences.
  • An understanding of the reason why performers love and practice their craft, and a realisation also that audience attendance and appreciation is one of the most important things.  
  • One Hundred Stories: One hundred illuminating stories of why people have chosen the acting profession as their career or life’s journey. Gathering one hundred stories resulted in gaining insight and discovering the impulses of why some people become actors and performers.
  • A record on film and in book form of the stories of the performers, which will serve as a broad snapshot of what it meant to be an actor in Europe in 2005.
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