Lead partner: Friends' Association of the Cretan Open-Air Museum, Lychnostatis, Greece
Artform: Cultural heritage
Year funded: 2010
Funding strand: Annual projects
Community grant: €68,800


Hersonisos Municipality (GR), Mayo County Library (IE), Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne w Lodzi (PL)


Documentation, exhibition, performances and cultural events, educational programmes, CD Rom, International Symposium.

  • To present and promote international oral heritage in order to increase communication across generations.
  • To spread the use of digital technology and cyber - "know how" among museums and cultural institutions.
  • To integrate special groups of people into society without discrimination.
  • To promote lesser known European languages. To create educational software in CD ROM.
  • To promote intercultural relations in local societies and break social segregation.
Testimonial from Irish partner

The project was an unqualified success in Ireland. It achieved its aim which was to raise awareness of Europe’s common cultural heritage through studying the folklore of death and marriage customs in the three partner countries. There is now much greater awareness of the customs and traditions relating to funerals and weddings not just in Ireland but more importantly Irish people are also aware of Polish and Greek traditions in this area. We have learned that in death and in marriage we share much in common while also having our own distinct traditions. Mayo County Library has gained an archive of over 60 hours of recordings of folk traditions and our staff have gained expertise through working with the other European partners.

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