Lead partner: Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc (Ireland)
Artform: Visual arts
Year funded: 2010
Funding strand: Strand 1.3.5. Cooperation projects with third countries
Amount awarded: €168,438
Total project budget: €336,876
Project start date: 19 December 2010
Project end date: 19 December 2012


State Museum of Contemporary Art – Costakis Collection (Greece); Junta de Freguesia Benfeita (Portugal).

Associate partners: AKOS (Armenia); The Centre for Visual Researches (Georgia).


SAMKURA [English Shamrock, Gaelic Seamróg]

SAMKURA is the Georgian name for a small earth covering plant which has a leaf composed of a stem and three interconnected leaflets. The name in its Georgian form suggests the image of ‘three ears connected together’. SAMKURA visualises the cooperation of a constellation of cultures (Ireland, Greece and Portugal) represented by the three leaves or ‘ears’, whose stem is represented by Georgia and Armenia. SAMKURA was a trans-European art and culture exchange linking European limits.

SAMKURA created the conditions for understanding contemporary art as a language of cross-cultural communication. Research, development and dissemination of new artworks took place in the context of a thematic artistic exchange focusing on cultural and linguistic specificity.

The lead organisation, Cló, was responsible for providing the practical support for the production of artworks in the context of an artist-in-residence programme that took place in Ireland, Portugal and Georgia.

Cló invited a leading institution for contemporary art in Greece to support the professional development of SAMKURA through sponsoring an international forum that provided the curatorial structure for an exhibition and publication in Georgia and Armenia.

Participating artists were selected through agreement of the co-partners and were drawn from all five participating countries, with a minimum of four participants from each of the participating EU states and four from the combined ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy) countries (Armenia and Georgia).



Cló successfully completed the following activities: residencies in Portugal, Georgia and Ireland; workshops in Ireland, Portugal and Armenia; exhibitions in Thessaloniki and Armenia; forums in Armenia and Georgia. 


Cló is an artist-led initiative providing a platform for creative exchange between artists worldwide and the Gaeltacht community. It is an art and media workshop that combines traditional forms of printmaking with contemporary visual media. Cló facilitates artists and groups to create original works which can be used for exhibition, documentation or broadcast. Cló also publishes limited edition prints, DVDs, CDs and artists’ books.