Lead partner: Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc (Ireland)
Artform: Visual arts
Year funded: 2012
Funding strand: Strand 1.2.1. Cooperation projects
Amount awarded: €190,855
Total project budget: €381,710
Project start date: 1 September 2012
Project end date: 31 August 2014


State Museum of Contemporary Art – Costakis Collection (Greece); Junta de Freguesia (Portugal).


Úr, Sanskrit root (an Indo-European word, suffix, prefix, noun, verb or adverb, appearing in modern European and many Indo-European languages. In Gaelic Úr can mean new or fresh, whereas in German it means old or original. In this context Úr refers to the ancient Persian city as well the modern Gaelic meaning).

ÚR is a trans-European art and culture exchange. ÚR visualises a practical basis for a trans-European artistic and cultural cooperation project which considers the central role of language as a catalyst for cultural understanding and exchange.

ÚR interprets contemporary art as a means of activating European identity in a global context.

The project is realised through a residential artists’ exchange programme, a transnational forum, an international summer school, developmental workshops, exhibitions, performances and screenings.

The State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessalonika combines with Cló to support ÚR through sponsoring the curatorial structure for the exhibitions, performances and artistic presentations of the project in all of the participating countries.

The coordinator, Cló, combines with the Junta de Freguesia, Benfieta (Portugal), to provide the support structure for the production of artworks in distinctly rural and environmentally unique landscapes in Portugal and Ireland.

ÚR provides for:

  1. Thematic research and exchange between artists and cultural workers through an international forum and summer school;
  2. Practical development of artworks through an international artist-in-residence program involving the mobility of all participants;
  3. Dissemination and circulation of artworks through exhibition, documentation, audience participation and promotion.



Cló is an artist-led initiative providing a platform for creative exchange between artists worldwide and the Gaeltacht community. It is an art and media workshop combining traditional forms of printmaking with contemporary visual media.

Cló facilitates artists and groups to create original works which can be used for exhibition, documentation or broadcast. Cló also publishes limited edition prints, DVDs, CDs and artists’ books.