Lead partner: Free Word (UK)
Artform: Literature, digital art, visual art 
Year funded: 2013
Funding strand: Strand 1.3.5. Cooperation projects with third countries 
Amount awarded: €200,000
Total project budget: €400,000
Project start date: January 2014
Project end date: September 2015


Tallaght Community Arts (Ireland); Krytyka Polityczna (Poland); internationales literaturfestival (Germany); Wheeler Centre (Australia).


Weather Stations harnesses the transformative power and vision of literature to explore in the context of climate change how, as European and global citizens, we might live our lives differently. Weather Stations in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia will host a writer-in-residence programme, from which a range of activities for artists, activists, philosophers, scientists and young people will flow. The programme will include debates, skills development, online activity and creative projects in schools and communities, festivals and literature hubs.

Each Weather Station will establish a Sub Station in a local school or college to explore how, in a materialistic world, we nurture responsible young citizens with the knowledge, inspiration and tools to fight for a sustainable future.

Our Australian partner provides our frontline Weather Station, beginning with a three-week residency for writers from European Weather Stations. Stories from indigenous elders will mix with the voices of scientists, politicians, artists, young people and communities experiencing the impact of floods and bush fires. Writers will travel to each European Weather Station to share their work.

In 2015 the European Sub Weather Stations will convene a Young People’s Summit in Berlin to disseminate the most powerful narratives and the most effective tools to help us navigate a new future and inform a new sense of responsible European citizenship and global connection. This will be mirrored by an equivalent event in Melbourne. Alongside the Summits, writers will share their new work and experiences with a wide-ranging public, complete with full media attention, as part of the internationales literaturfestival berlin.



Tallaght Community Arts is delighted to be involved in the project. Our experience working with young people and in an educational context gives us the opportunity to lead in the development of a Young People’s Summit with project partners at the internationales literaturfestival berlin in September 2015.


Tallaght Community Arts is an arts development organisation working with local communities, schools and youth groups since 1996. We work in the heart of communities, in schools, community gardens, football stadiums and individual people’s homes, as well as in designated arts spaces.

We focus on participatory arts, encouraging and supporting people of all ages to be involved in the making of art. We bring people together to explore their creativity: writers, teachers, visual artists, directors, choreographers, sound and broadcast artists, policymakers, elders, schoolchildren and young people. We also commission new works and seed projects across South Dublin County.