In From the Margins will be a a three-year programme of Studios of Sanctuary residencies working with artists with experience of displacement. The project will feature exchanges of their work as well as engagement with refugees, schools and wider communities.

Lead Partner

Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland

  • Irish Partner: Cork Printmakers, Cork City
  • Aga Lab (Netherlands)
  • Fyns Grafiske Værksted (Denmark)
  • International Centre of Graphic Arts (Slovenia)
Funding Strand

Smaller Scale Co-operation Projects

Community Grant



In From the Margins (2020 - 2023) will establish Europe’s first ever Studios of Sanctuary network for refugee and migrant artists. It will provide opportunities for thirty artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds to take up supported residencies in print studios at internationally recognised arts organisations: Cork Printmakers, Ireland;  Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland; AGA Lab, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense, Denmark; and the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

These arts organisations all have a strong history of public engagement, based in multi-cultural cities on the margins of Europe, either on coastal fringes or in the East of the continent.

This project brings the work of refugee and migrant artists 'in from the margins' to mainstream programming and looks for ways to explore and celebrate cultures and artistic traditions which are marginalised by the Western artistic canon and traditional curatorial output. 

In from the Margins emerged from a Scotland-Europe project supported by the British Council & Creative Scotland, for Edinburgh Printmakers to develop a network of European partners working with both refugee and migrant artists and communities, and which involved Cork Printmakers as a key contributor.

Testimonial from Irish Partner

'This is a brilliant initiative that furthers Cork Printmakers commitment to work with artists and communities from migrant and refugee backgrounds, while furthering the medium of printmaking as an egalitarian art form. We are delighted to play a part in bringing the work of refugee and migrant artists to wider audiences and help build the Studio of Sanctuary network alongside our European partners.' Aideen Quirke, Director of Cork Printmakers.