Creative Europe MEDIA Films & Events at Cannes 2021
6ú Iúil 2021

Creative Europe MEDIA Films & Events at Cannes 2021

This year, 17 films supported by MEDIA have been selected for Cannes Film Festival 6th to 17th July with five of them competing for the prestigious Palme d'Or. Creative Europe MEDIA has invested a total of over €2.1 million in the development and distribution of these films.


  • The story of my wife, by ldikó ENYEDI (Hungary, Germany, France, Italy), supported in development and distribution.
  • Bergman Island, by Mia HANSEN-LOVE (France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany), supported in distribution.
  • Compartment n.6, by Juho KUOSMANEN (Finland, Estonia, Germany, Russia), supported in development.
  • Titane, by Julia DUCOURNAU (France, Belgium), supported in development.
  • Tre piani, by Nanni MORETTI (Italy, France), supported in distribution.

Un certain regard

  • Onoda, by Arthur HARARI (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy), supported in development.
  • Moneyboys, by C.B Yi (Austria, France, Belgium), supported in development.
  • Prayers for the stolen, by Tatiana HUEZO (México, Germany), supported under co-production international funds.
  • Lamb, by Valdimar JÓHANSSON (Iceland), supported in distribution.
  • Un monde, by Laura WANDEL (Belgium), supported in distribution.

Out of competition

  • Where is Anne Frank by Ari FOLMAN, supported in development.

Cannes premiere

  • Mothering Sunday, by Eva HUSSON (UK), supported in development.

Special Screenings

  • Les heroiques, by Maxime ROY (France), supported in development.

Semaine de la Critique

  • Libertad, by Clara ROQUET (Spain, Belgium), supported in development and distribution.
  • Small body, by Julie LECOUSTRE (France, Slovenia, Italy), supported in development.
  • Olga, by Elie GRAPPE (France, Switzerland), supported in development.

Quinzaine des réalisateurs

  • Mon Légionnaire by Rachel LANG, supported in development.

Creative Europe MEDIA Events in Cannes 2021

The European Commission will not be physically present in Cannes but will ensure its active participation in several events and discussions by taking part online. There will be three big block-themes of events:

Creative Europe MEDIA Clusters

DG CNECT and EACEA will host online info sessions for potential applicants to address the funding opportunities of the new programme.

  • Wednesday 7th July, from 10h00 to 11h30 - Content Cluster Encouraging collaboration and innovation in the creation and production of high quality European audiovisual works / presentation of the calls for proposals.
  • Thursday 8 July, from 10h00 to 11h30 – Business Cluster Promoting business innovation, competitiveness, scalability and talents in the European audiovisual sector / presentation of the calls for proposals.
  • Friday 9 July, from 10h00 to 11h30 – Audience Cluster Strengthening the accessibility and visibility of European audiovisual works by their potential audiences through all distribution channels and platforms / presentation of the calls for proposals.

About Diversity & Inclusion

The European Commission, and in particular the unit in charge of support to the audiovisual industry, is launching ‘CharactHer’, an awareness campaign advocating for diversity and inclusion in the film and news media sectors.

  • Friday 9 July, from 16h15 to 17h00 – Launch event of the CharactHer campaign

About Innovation and Access to Finance

In cooperation with the Marché du Film NEXT, the European Commission will take part in several events addressing topics such as innovation, virtual production and access to finance.

  • Wednesday, 7 July from 14h30 to 15h30. Virtual Production: Why, for who, and what's at stake for Filmmakers and Financers?
  • Introduction by Creative Europe MEDIA: Lucia Recalde
  • Claus Ladegaard, CEO of The Danish Film Institute (DFI)
  • Laura Olin, COO & Partner, ZOAN AR
  • Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders Inc
  • Modérateur : Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Strategic Advisor, Cannes Next

Saturday 10 July, from 14h00 to 17h00. What creatives and filmmakers can do with data? Exploring the future of data-driven storytelling

  • Ben Johnson, Gruvi
  • Nathalie Lethbridge, Atomik Digital
  • Jon Morris, Nowhere data and artist-driven collaboration platform, experience designer, Lady Gaga, Cirque Du Soleil, the Burning Man
  • Kathrin Steinbichler - The Looping Group

Sunday 11 July from 10h00 to 11h30. Powering Future Leadership in Europe through Film, Innovation and Technology ⁠Panel

  • Nicolas Brien, President, European Startup Network, CEO France Digitale
  • Nusrat Durrani, Media Executive, MTV Networks
  • Maria Tanjala, CEO & Co Founder, Filmchain
  • Lysann Windisch, Head of Programme / Marketing Manager MUBI Germany, DFFB - Deutsche Film und Frensehen Akademie Berlin
  • Modérateur: AC Coppens, CEO, The Creatives' Catalysts

Monday, 12 July from 10 to 11 Where's the Money? New Currents in (European) Financing: NFTs, Venture Capital and MEDIA Invest ⁠Panel

  • Rain Rannu, Superangel Ventures, Tallinnfornia Productions – innovating film financing models for indies and small production countries through venture capital
  • Uri Levanon, Haste Media - a crash course into the business and future of NFTs for European Festival and Independent Film
  • Presentation of the MEDIA Invest Financing Scheme

12.00 Presentation of the Creative Industries KIC by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology

All the events will be accesible for accredited participants at the page of Marché du Film.