Tips & Tricks - Final Prep for New MEDIA Calls
20ú Aibreán 2021

Tips & Tricks - Final Prep for New MEDIA Calls

We are getting closer to the launch of the new Creative Europe Programme! While we don’t have exact dates yet, we are expecting the programme and the funding calls to be launched in late May or early June. The first funding deadlines will be two months later so possibly late July or early August.

Following our articles over the last few months, we hope that you are preparing to apply for funding. A few things to note:

  • Whether you are a potential or previous applicant, ensure that you have the details of your company and LEAR registered on the Funding and Tenders Portal. You can familiarise yourself with the participant registration process here.
  • The entire application process will now take place through the funding and tenders portal. A detailed presentation on the E-Grants system was part of the European Film Forum at the Berlinale. Watch the webinar and download the presentation here.
  • Proof of all European partnerships is important so ensure that you have these to hand as it can take time to gather these together.
  • There will still be a size limit on artistic material that you can attach so now is the time to investigate how best to reduce the memory size of your key visual images without sacrificing quality.

A favourite of Irish producers has always been the Single Project Development Scheme which will be replaced by a Co-development Scheme. In order to be eligible to apply for this, a co-development agreement will need to be in place with a company from another country participating in the Creative Europe programme. Note that the UK will not be participating in the new Creative Europe Programme. See here for current list of eligible partner countries.

Keep an eye on your inbox as you will receive details on all the new calls from us soon! We will also announce a series of Webinars on the new calls over the next few months.