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Animation Ireland Meitheal, 25th May in Galway

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Animation Ireland Meitheal, an industry summit with a focus on developing, producing and distributing animation content worldwide, takes place in Galway on 25th May, 2024.

Creative Europe Desk Ireland MEDIA is proud to be amongst the supporters of Animation Ireland Meitheal industry summit which takes place in Galway Bay Hotel on Saturday 25th May.

Meitheal aims to inform and inspire professionals about the current developments in the animation industry, both in Ireland and internationally.

The Bayside Talks series will feature two sessions. Tania Pinto de Cunha from Pink Parrot will offer insights into distribution strategies. Turnip and Duck and Whitepot Studios will present a case study on transforming the TV show Atom Town into an interactive game as part of the Screen Ireland Animation Innovation and Immersive Development Fund.

Sessions include:

  • Animating the Future: Talent & Culture. Exploring innovative working models to attract, nurture, and retain top animation talent.
  • Animating the Future: Funding & Investment. Demystifying funding models and maximizing investment potential in animation.
  • Animating the Future: Creativity & Technology. Delving into the creative processes and groundbreaking innovations shaping the future of animation.
  • Animating the Future: Human & Machine. Examining the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolution and application of Artificial Intelligence within the animation industry.

Meitheal tickets are now sold out.

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