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Apply Now for Series' Women Programme for Female Drama Producers

Series Women website

Apply now to be a part of Series' Women which is dedicated to enhancing the visibility and influence of female producers working in the European drama series industry. Series’ Women is the first career enhancement programme for female producers in the European drama series industry which is delivered by Erich Pommer Istitut.

The 4th edition of Series' Women will kick-off in late 2024 and will once again combine a broad variety of elements: the producers will participate in state-of-the-art training opportunities addressing topics such as visibility, leadership and digital entrepreneurship as well as receive curated 1-1 mentoring and pitching coaching. Networking opportunities at top European industry markets and direct access to decision makers and top industry players will complete the programme.

By supporting selected female producers directly and boosting individual careers, SERIES' WOMEN sets off to increase the visibility and industry exposure of female producers and female-driven projects, supports the building of professional networks and strives to tackle under-representation in the industry in the general.

A unique part of the program is an online diversity training exclusively directed at hiring managers or respective decision makers in the producers’ companies. Through this training, SERIES’ WOMEN addresses the topic of gender equality and diversity not only at an individual level, but sets out to enable change at the organisational level and make companies more competitive and sustainable in the process.

Covering topics such as visibility, leadership, and digital entrepreneurship, including mentoring and pitching coaching, Series' Women is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA.

Participants will be invited to TV Drama Vision 2025 at Göteborg Film Festival and the Series Mania Forum 2025 at Festival SERIES MANIA in Lille.

Programme Details

  • November 2024 to March 2025
  • Online & on-site at various locations
  • Fee: €500 to €2,500 or apply for Screen Ireland funding

The deadline to apply is 16th September 2024. Find out more about Series' Women here on the EPI website.

Series' Women Info Webinar, 25th June 2024

EPI invite you to join their Online Info Session on 25th June 25 at 6pm Irish time (7pm CEST) to learn more about their female leadership programme SERIES' WOMEN. Annette Birkholz, the first module's Head of Studies, as well as representatives from the EPI will present the concept of the SERIES' WOMEN and answer all your questions!

Registration is open
until 3pm Irish time (4pm CEST) on 25th June, the day of the session.

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